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How can you make your trivia quiz?

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Trivia is the best source of increasing the mental growth of a human being. This will allow you to learn unimportant facts which may not be useful in your upcoming future. But these Trivia questions and answers make you happy while answering the trivia questions. This activity will act as a workout for the brain, just the human body workout to gain strength. By answering to all the questions can benefit the health and let you reduce all the stress. This activity can help you to boost up the brainpower. By remembering all the unimportant facts, your cognition capabilities will increase.

You can make your trivia question and answer by following some steps. These are as follows:


  • Decide what kind of trivia questions you should make: The first step is to decide what kind of question you should make for the people. Your questions should be based on your business. Suppose if your business is writing about travel then the questions should also be related to traveling.

  • What trivia question you need to ask: The next step is to decide what you need to ask the people related to a subject. This part will test the knowledge of people on a particular subject. To make a good questionnaire, we need to google for about the facts and decide what kind of questions should be.

  • Show the correct answers immediately: After asking the questions, the audience will answer to the questions and the correct answers should be shown instantly so that they will get to know whether they have given the right or wrong answer. People get excited when they get the description of the answers whether they are right or wrong. So while showing the results, the answer to the question should be shown immediately and description should also be provided.

  • E-mails received by the audience: We can receive the e-mails from the audience when they try to answer the questions. While asking for their e-mails, we should follow some instructions like we should not let them wait for the results. This will increase your customer loyalty.

  • Show the result to the audience: At last, when the entire questionnaire gets completed, the results should be shown to the audience so that they get to know how well they have given the answers. At the time of providing the result, a couple of lines should be written to show the onlookers how well they have done.


Apart from all the above trivia question making process, online trivia questions grab their onlookers in a unique and fun way of increasing the knowledge of unknown facts. By answering to random online questions, we get instant results. Anyone can join and there is no need of an instructor to give guidance. So this is also time and money saver. This is also helpful in increasing the goodwill of the brand by attracting the audience and the loyalty of the customers. These questions are time-based so nobody can cheat. A huge number of audiences can connect to the internet for this online trivia.People get excited when they get the description of the answers whether they are right or wrong


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