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How can you put a lien on a car title?

When a person finances a car through any nationalized or commercial bank the financial institutes become the first secured party. As a result until and unless the person completely repays the debt, the car lien will remain on the title. Once you make the final payment the lender needs to issue a lien. However, in case you purchase the car from a dealer then he will be responsible for filing a lien on your behalf. Hence, in this article we have come up with a step by step process to lien on car title.

Steps to lien a car title

To put a lien on your car you will require legal filing forms, preliminary notice, copy of your state laws and regulation, proof of service provided, confirm laws and regulations, and once you have all these you will be able to obtain lien on a car title.  The following are the steps that you need to lien a car:

Go to DMV

The first thing that you need to do to lien a car is to go to the location or the state where the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) located is situated and issuing a vehicle. You should also gather all the relevant paperwork and avail the copies of auto insurance information.

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Calling the local motor vehicle department

The next thing that you need to do is to call the local motor vehicle department. The local motor department is the agency that issues the driver’s licenses in your state.  

Taking the vehicle and paperwork to the office of DMV

In the third step, you have to take your car to the office of your state’s highway patrol and carry all the relevant paperwork along with you. However, you can do it only if the local DMV office has directed you to do so.

Inspect the car

Then the most essential steps will be performed that is DMV will inspect the car completely. Apart from that, the inspecting officer will be given the responsibility for checked and validating all the information on the driver’s doorpost. Moreover, the inspection officer will also be given the duty to check the VIN number which is stamped on the engine block.

Issuing a temporary VIN plate

This step is performed by the inspecting officer and if he is satisfied he can issue a temporary VIN plate. This temporary VIN plate is also called a Blue tag. However, in some states, the inspecting officer will direct you to mount a permanent VIN tag whereas in some other states this permanent VIN tag will be mailed to the user.

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Mount the VIN plate on the car

You may get the permanent VIN plate either in the mail as a softcopy or directly from the inspecting office physically. When you will get the permanent VIN plate number you have to take the VIN number to the shop which is listed on your paperwork. Once you go to that shop your VIN number will be officially mounted in your car. 

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