Football season is here and everyone is gettingglued to the screen with lots of snacks to enjoy the game. Tens and millions of people watch football daily and support their favourite football club. With more than 4 billion fans, football has been listed on the top of the most-watched sports in the world.  People more often tend to keep up with the latest updates with T.V or the internet. Although, sometimes it becomes hard to keep up with the favourite football club with so many games at once. At the end of the day, you have to go through the list of teams to see how your favourite league is performing. 

The brisk advancement in technology is also paving ways for people to enjoy sports. Keeping up with the latest sports updates has become easier than before. Previously when the internet was infrequent among the people, sports games were enjoyed on radios and T.Vs by almost every sports lover. It is true that these means of entertainment are still available, but people are now more inclined towards the internet and mobiles. 

Now, people choose social media, mobile applications, and live Arsenal website to watch and support their favourite football clubs. The latest updates about your favourite football clubs come right to your phone anytime, anywhere. With that said, let’s discuss how you can stay updated with the recent activities of your favourite football clubs. 


Sports news is the most prime way to get notified about the recent activities and performance of your favourite football team. You can pursue and find the sports channels on T.V that details about the matches your favourite team is playing with. Moreover, there are sports news websites that enlists articles related to different football matches. These websites give the textual details and insights of the footballs match with start time, scores, and the team details. 

In terms of websites, there are countless sports news websites that publish articles hourly for updates. You can choose any of the sports news websites to get updated by the recentoccurring. Plus, you can enable the notifications from these websites to constantly receive updates on the following article. 

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Surprisingly you can set up Alexa notification to get notified by the scores and recent updates of the football match. Sometimes, notifications get cluttered in your phone, which can result in losing track of important sports updates. However, with the Amazon Alexa, you can easily set up the notification or can either ask for the recent activities. 

Alexa assistant can keep you updated to your favourite football club. You can easily set up the notification system for Alexa from the application. You will have to choose the favourite team from the application. After that, you are all good to go to stay up to date on the performance of your favourite team. 


Social media has revolutionized the news and update structure for sports. With millions of people having an interest in sports, social media enables them to interact and get updates on the go. The advancement in social media now allows people to quickly find their favourite football clubs and get instant news from the notifications. The fast response and tag search on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram allow fans to receive information on their team performance. 

Social media plays a great role in keeping football fans in touch with their favourite player or the club. The post of the scoreboard, practice sessions, and manager updates are a lot of activities to stay notified. 

Fans can receive instant posts directly from their favourite players and can interact with them through these posts. Twitter, for instance, allows you to comment and reply to the competitor’s teams. In short, it is the troll heaven for everyone to enjoy the game with the tense competition. On the other side, social media also encourages clubs to promote the teams through engaging posts. 


Subscribing to sports podcasts channels is another way to keep in touch with the football updates. People who are passionate about their favourite football teams can listen to the latest podcasts and commentaries for the match. Many football clubs also have podcasts channels provide a detailed discussion of the teaming and upcoming series. 

In this fast-paced information age, people need to keep up with the latest news and updates. Reading magazines, newspapers, and articles sounds like a great idea, but listening to the discussion is another way to discern the information. However, football podcasts are the most engaging ways to stay updated about the ongoing activities in the club. 


Registering yourself on the football club’s website is an easy and free way to receive newsletters for the alterations in teaming and any other occurring. Every football club has its own website for its fans and international sports management. The avid fans can subscribe to their favourite football club and receive emails anywhere. 


Mobile phones are easily accessible gadgets these days. Which means that football fans can also use mobile phones to instantly receive updates on the games. You can download them from the series of sports applications on the android play store as well as the apple store. These applications are dedicated to the latest news on the ongoing games and discussions about football. You can adjust the applications for your favourite team to get the live scores, speculations, and highlights as soon as they are posted. 


If you don’t want to download the applications, there is no need to worry about it. You can still keep up with the latest news and can get the articles in your inbox. Different websites allow you to sign up with emails and ask you whether you want to receive the news through inbox or emails. Checking the inbox option will give you access to daily news and updates related to your most-liked football team. 


Still, what is better than reading magazines without constant rings of notifications from phones and laptops? Magazines are still available in the market and you can order one to get connected with the latest details from your football clubs. You can find these magazines from the club’s website to receive the latest publications at your doorstep. 


There are a number of resources that you can consider to get yourself updated about the ongoing activities among the football clubs. It is quite fascinating how technology is improving the ways to bring ease to the people. The same goes for sports too, and now you can gain access to every information on your fingertips.