A business is an entity that keeps changing and is continuously evolving with the influence of digital transformations. Why blame them for loving progress, who does not desire unprecedented growth? In terms of professional expectations, growth can lead a business to possible success. The ultimate goal is to match past results with current achievements and realize a sharp rise.But, this is achievable when the company is controlled and directed by the right people. The case is quite similar to a country's governance as well since it, too, requires continuous success and development.

When speaking about corporate governance, it is part of the second category since it denotes management practices that occur in an organization. Corporate governance has a legal and ethical dimension to it. The moral group's job is to set out rules for which the board comes to a consensus. In contrast, legal systems, punish wrongdoers or demand for new legislation when a scam is exposed.

What is corporate governance?

Corporate governance is a system through which an organization is controlled and directed. The board of directors carries out the task of the management of the organization. Whereas, the role of the shareholders here is to appoint auditors and directors to ensure the organization is on the right path. The primary responsibilities of the board of directors include;

  • Providing leadership for practical goal realization
  • Setting the strategic aims of the organization
  • Keeping a close eye on the management of the company
  • Reporting to the stakeholders as per their stewardship

What about public officers? Can a director be a public officer? The answer is yes.Very often, the director is one who is appointed as a public official since he/she understands the roles and responsibilities of this job quite well. A public officer is answerable to everything regarding the tax-purposes of the company. If caught red-handed for any illegal act or irresponsibility, he/she is liable to specific penalties.

Why is corporate governance important for companies?

The rule is simple, good governance leads to excellent performance, and bad management leads to, you can figure out that part. Corporate governance is a tiresome job and a significant responsibility on the shoulders of the board of directors.

However, if corporate governance enjoys proper execution, the predictability, and trust of a company increase,this increases investors' comfort level.

So, how can good corporate governance play a part in building value? We have listed down the details below.

  • Diminishing Risks

A practical and ethical corporate governance framework would satisfy the stakeholders in the non-listed companies by mitigating risks. It gives them a clear idea that their exits may be strenuous, but the board of directors and management would safeguard their interests. Good corporate governance also includes reflection upon the exit strategies since this would help the stakeholders to make further investments into the business.

  • Improved Capital flow

Improved cash flow will increase the confidence of the investors and banks. Itwouldimprove access to capital and minimize the cost of equity and cost of capital, resulting in more effective cash flow. To achieve this, good governance with an appropriate financial structure is the critical element. Providing transparency, especially to the investors, will lower the risk premium, thus reducing the costs of equity and capital.

  • Boost in Reputation

The following would boost the status of a company and add value to the brand image:

  1. Transparency of the internal policies of a company
  2. Dealing with suppliers, vendors, staff, media, and government authorities
  3. Control mechanism
  • Effective and Better Decision Making

If you have proper corporate governance, you can useunprecedented decision-making power and a clear portrayal of the management's roles.

  • Improved Reporting

Owners and managers will be taking more strategic and factual based decisions.All of which will lead to reducing the cost and improving the sales margin.

  • Better Focus on Compliance

The policies that ensure the company's abidance with law and regulations through adequate corporate governance are what directors strive for and provide. That, in turn, synchronizes with compliance and risk management to ensure that the company has bona fide control mechanisms.And that makes its objectives and functions effectively in terms of processes, information, technology, and people.


In this era, corporate governance is the sine qua non to unleash the stakeholder value and give credence to the stakeholders. The relationship of corporate governance with the organization's conduct should be recognized to achieve convincing results in the business. Similarly, it also helps a company survive in the competitive industry. 

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