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How Covid-19 Has Influenced Fashion And Retail

The onset of Covid-19 has changed the way many companies do business. Retail, above all else, has seen a lot of changes in the way products are produced, purchased, and even delivered to customers. While it's unclear what will remain after the pandemic is over and what is here to stay as part of a new normal, there are some key points to understand when diving deeper into what to expect.

Face Masks Are Becoming Mainstays In Fashion

Although mask mandates are not required in every state, many who remain cautious about the virus choose to protect themselves and others by using cloth face masks. Regardless of the state, certain businesses and organizations make it mandatory to wear one before entering the premises. Clothing companies have responded to this new need by creating face masks that also allow individuals to show off their sense of style at the same time, which has also been mainstreamed by influencer marketing. Some of the different masks out there include various colors, celebrate sports teams, have rhinestones or other jewelry as decoration, or are made for different types of individuals. One such example is the fact that many men prefer to wear gaiters as a face mask, while creating child-size masks has become a demand that was necessary for many young people to return to school. Even companies that did not specialize in clothing, but appealed to a target market, started carrying face masks, like toy stores offering masks for purchase that are child-sized. Until Covid is safely under control, face masks might be one accessory that we will see for a while.

Curbside Pickup And Delivery Are More Popular Than Ever

Because Covid can easily be spread in an indoor setting, many people have tried to limit how much time they spend in a store or shopping center. This has led to curbside pickup and delivery for many stores, in an effort to make life easier for customers and to cut down on the risk for customers and employees alike. When fewer people enter a store, this leads to less spread for the general population. Besides being safer, many customers are discovering how using curbside pickup and delivery is freeing up time for them. Shopping can be a tedious task, and some customers might have other things they would rather spend their time doing. By using personal shoppers and cutting down on how often they are actually going to stores, curbside pickup and delivery might be features that are here to stay, even after the pandemic is long over.

Limited Hours Influence Purchasing

Each business has taken matters into its own hands how they choose to operate in regard to hours. Companies that were formally open 24 hours a day have changed, and many places work on reduced hours. Part of this might be due to lack of staff, needing to follow state guidelines for capacity rules, or discovering that simply not that many customers are choosing to shop as much as they used to. Because of the limited hours, customers might choose to shop less frequently, more often, or even buy in bulk. Customers might plan out their purchases depending on how much of an item is in stock. Certain products, like disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer, have proved difficult to come by. Some companies have actually started creating their own versions of these products, even if they never produced them before. Although the lack of hours has affected many businesses, they are still finding ways to stay relevant and help customers get what they are looking for, regardless of the challenge the pandemic has created.

Customers Are Thinking Twice About What They Need

Perhaps the biggest influence Covid has had on shopping and fashion is making individuals question if they truly need a product or not. While some basic items, such as soap or even cosmetics pressed powder are still being purchased, certain luxury items are taking a backseat. Instead of formal clothing, day-to-day shirts and leggings are common purchases for most women, especially those who are working at home. While customers might purchase video games, they're likely to think twice about their need for a fancy new TV. Part of this might be due to lack of money since the pandemic has restricted many businesses from operating at full capacity, while others could just be trying to ration how much they are spending so they can save when necessary.


Covid-19 has created a lot of changes in both fashion and retail. Face masks are an accessory everyone owns and wears these days, while retail features like curbside and delivery are growing in popularity. Businesses are working with fewer operating hours than before, while customers are being cautious with how much they buy these days. It is unknown how much of these changes will carry over and last, but they are worth observing to see what the new normal looks like for the retail industry.

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