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It’s important for every business to know how digital printing fresno can affect their business. It doesn’t matter if you were selling a product or a homes for sale, but everyone would need marketing to market their product.

In general, direct marketing was done by connecting to the customer directly by using modes such as Physical mail, banners, flyer marketing and advertising. That is why the effort of digital printing fresno are necessary to produce these item.

Sean Wheelock currently works for Dumont Printing, one of the largest commercial printings company in the central valley. The company is roughly 71 years old and still serving the best modes for direct marketing. The company are able to produce in a large scale or even the small ones

Dumont Printing is also part of Nationwide Printers Network. Which indicates that they have a lot of peers and capability to provide marketing solutions to every business throughout the nation. Sean Wheelock stated that Digital printing Fresno can help every business and realty Fresno in entire prints of signage, custom packaging, envelopes, letterheads and physical mail. 

Linda Peltz as part of Fresno association of realtors had an amazing opportunity to discuss with Sean Wheelock about the essential of personalized direct marketing and how it can affect real estate agent business. Learn more in the discussion below!


Does Promotional Email Still Working?

Printings are getting more important for marketing purposes. Supported by current Dumont Printing’s project in personalized direct marketing modes, the company are seeing a huge resurgence in printed and physical mail, banner and packages.

Moreover, email box is now filled with junks, promotion and spam, which bores our potential customer the most. Because of this Sean sees the opportunity to get full attention with a personalized direct mail. Statistics are showing that physical mail are getting more conversion rather just an ordinary promotion email. Nonetheless, people will be more happy to receive personalized item.

Linda Peltz has been in realty Fresno for 11 years, she totally agrees that most cases, her clients are ignoring half of her email. It’s nothing but they are not interested anymore in promotion email. Moreover, Linda as part of Fresno association of realtors believes that personalized direct marketing could be the answer to this problem. 

Get More Response Rate With Physical Mail 

Running an offline marketing campaign is not that simple. Every type of business may have a different result in each of its media printings. By working with California Printing for direct mail campaigns, they can offer businesses a really good suggestion and help them run their direct marketing in cost effective way. 

What's great about the service is that Dumont Printing can print all everything at once, hold it in the market and then release it based on business marketing campaign dates to nationwide audiences.

How Dumont Printings Can Help Businesses

With over 71 years contributing in Digital printing Fresno, Dumont Printing has massively engrave every business and realty Fresno needs in printings. Saw unlimited orders from various organizations and individuals and now looking for limitless copy ahead. 

As Dumont Printing are the largest custom commercial printing in central valley, they have served tons of companies and industry in the market. Ranging from private, public organization and Fresno association of realtors to help providing the best printing services.

The good thing is that Dumont Printing also accepts small prints for small companies and startup out there. 

Sean Wheelock is confident that Dumont Printing is really set up for the custom market, so every individual and businesses can come to them with a unique project. 

Supported Tools and Equipment

Whats exciting is that Sean Wheelock informed us that the company are looking at custom packaging, as their loyal customers are requesting it for their personalized project. And this kind of service is something people can't get via online.

These type of orders will be produced by their equipment. Dumont Printing is equipped with the giant format printer machine which could print over eight sheets of material at once. 

Further, they also have equipment called esco cutters which will literally cut and route any shape and design that the customer wants. With these equipment, Dumont Printing can provide any type of custom printings and package in just matter of hours. 


Linda Peltz stated that printings and real estate market are bond to each other. In few years, all forms of printings for marketing campaign will shift upwards and becoming a new trends for marketing practice. 

Starting from now, fresno association of realtors must be aware with future opportunity and try everything to sustain their business and fresno homes for sale closing. Whether the road leads to online marketing or direct mail marketing.

To end the discussion, Sean and Linda are happy to reach out to people interested in this topic. Further, they are offering a free quote and realty Fresno consultation to every type of business in Fresno. Don’t hesitate to contact the details below!

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