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How do Hydroponic Systems Work?

Hydroponics is considered a viable method for growing different varieties of plants and crops. It is the process of cultivating plants without using any kind of soil. Let’s find out how the system of hydroponics works for vegetation and agriculture.

Defining Hydroponics

The word hydroponics has been derived from a Latin word which means working water. Hydroponics can be defined as a method that is used to grow and produce plants and crops in a water-based solution rich in nutrients. Instead of using soil, the root system of the crops and the plants get their support from an inert medium. In this system, the roots come in direct contact with the nutrients of the solution in which the plants are kept and have access to the required amount of oxygen for proper growth.

The Main Components of the Hydroponic System

You need to use different components to make your hydroponic system effective and to maintain the condition of your hydroponic plants and crops. It will also help them to flourish and grow. The following are the main components that you need to know before running a hydroponic garden efficiently.

1.  The Growing Media

You should always grow your hydroponic plants in inert media. They help to support the weight of the plant and to anchor the structure of their roots. The inert media is the best substitute for soil, though it fails to provide any independent nutrition. Inert mediums help to retain the moisture and the much-needed nutrients from the solution helping in its growth. The best inert mediums are:

        Clay pellets


        Wood fiber

        Brick shards

        Polystyrene packing peanuts


2.  The Air Stones

You need to keep the water aerated adequately to avoid your plant getting submerged. For that, you can use air stones. These can disperse small bubbles carrying dissolved oxygen through your nutrient-rich solution reservoir. They help to distribute the nutrients present in the solution through the air bubbles.

3.  The Air Pumps

The air stones cannot disperse the air bubbles alone. So you need to attach air pumps externally for the process. The air pump must be opaque and made of a food-grade plastic tube. The opacity of the tube will prevent the growth of algae. You can visit to buy a varied range of growing kits and accessories required for setting up your hydroponic garden at home.

4.  The Net Pots

Net pots are a kind of mesh planter that will hold on your hydroponic plant. The latticed or webbed material of the pot allows the plants to grow out their roots from the bottom and sides of it and provides greater exposure to nutrients from the solution and oxygen. They provide a superior drainage system compared to traditional plastic and clay planters.

How Hydroponic Systems Work?

The hydroponic system works great for growing plants and crops that require specific environmental needs and temperature conditions. It can control every minute of the environmental conditions like pH-balance and temperature of the water and the nutrient solution suitable for the plants. The simple principle of the system is to determine what the plants need and provide them with that at the right time. The hydroponic system is best to control:

        Light - When, how much, and for how long.

        Temperature - Determine it and adjust accordingly.

        pH Balance - Monitor, control, and adjust it.

        Nutrient Levels - Maximize the exposure of the plant to the nutrients from the solution.

When you have a highly-monitored, controlled, and customized environment for your plants, herbs, crops, vegetables, and flowers, it automatically accelerates the growth and development.

Reasons to Use the Hydroponic System for Your Garden

Hydroponic gardening is always advantageous over basic field farming. While you may face problems like soil erosion, massive consumption of water, and pesticide-driven illness breakouts from field gardening, you can stay out of these when you adopt the hydroponic system. Some of the reasons for choosing the hydroponic system for gardening are:

        You can conserve more quantity of water.

        You can save a lot of space.

        You can grow more plants, vegetables, herbs, and crops in less space.

        You need to use fewer chemicals and pesticides.

        You need to use the hydroponic system that leads to faster plant growth.

        You can control the nutrient level.

        You can research and find out the right measurements required for your plants and crops.

        You can grow your herbs, plants, and crops, and flowers indoors.

        You can produce healthy and strong plants.

        Your plants have better growth and development because of nutrient abundance.

        You can yield more, generating more harvest.

The hydroponic system offers amazing control and flexibility. It is the most effective and efficient method to get healthier plants and crops. Whatever plants you are growing, it needs the required amount of oxygen, nutrients, and solution to grow. When everything is perfect, it is the success of the hydroponics.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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