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How do I add a person to a group in WhatsApp?


Have you ever created any whatsapp group? No!! You don’t know how to add people in whatsapp group? It is so bad. In smart world you have to be more smart with smartphone. It is very easy to create a new whatsapp group. You should be happy to create a group as a admin. You know the popularity of whatsapp and its craze among the people. Mainly youngsters are dying to join more and more groups. In group you will easily communicate with your near and dear one. You will be more closer to your relatives and family members. In the group you can get the all official information. Do you want to create a whatsapp group? Read my article how do I add a person to a group in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is a famous messaging app worldwide. All features are very amazing and interesting. But whatsapp group facility is top of the above. In a whatsapp group you can add maximum 256 people. You can talk to them with the help of stickers, images, videos, audio, documents, texts, gif etc. Now whatsapp allows group audio and video calls. It is really awesome to make group videos calls. For this first you have to create a group. To create a new group first open whatsapp and click on three doted icons from right top corner. Now click on new group. Next choose your participants. Give a name to your group then click on tick options. Now your group is created successfully.

How can you add a person to your whatsapp group?

If you have already created your whatsapp group then it is very good. Now you can add a person to your group very easily and quickly. Sometimes it happened you don’t have your friend’s whatsapp number while creating group. But when your friends ask you to add them you try to do it. You can do it in a single click. Let’s have the process how to add a person in group.


First save your friends whatsapp number in your contact list.


Go to whatsapp and open your group.


 Now click on your whatsapp group name.


Just scroll down your page. You will see an option ” add participants”. Click there.


Now you will get your friends in WhatsApp contact. Select the person to whom you want to add.


Just click ok button. You added the person to your whatsapp groups successfully.


It is very simple to add people in whatsapp group. Only you have to save their whatsapp number. At once you can add maximum number of people to groups.

More details visit :- Whatsapp faq Page  


For Whatsapp group admin it is a useful post. This post will help them to add more members to groups. I have already shared you the process how to add them. It is very simple. If you liked my post How do I add a person to a group in WhatsApp then follow us for next whatsapp tips post. Thanks..