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How do I become a CISA Certified Professional?

The world is getting closer to digitalization, and technology plays a very important role in this. Through cloud computing, most of the data and information are being held by internet networks. Most of the devices are built to have access to the internet so that their work can be done in a better way. We know that everything carries something good and bad with it. So with great benefits, the internet and digitalization also give scope to cybercrime. This has evolved as the biggest challenge in recent times. Cybercrime has become a global concern, and all the nations make efficient use of their resources to minimize it. The studies show that cybercrime keeps on increasing every year. Every business type, whether large or small, are threatened by this. Cyber-attacks have become very common and need to be tackled with. 


Let’s first know what cybercrime actually is. It is a crime that is carried out through computer networks, and many organizations fall as prey in its hand. It consists of phishing, cyber-attacks, cyber terrorism, malware, and many more. The unethical hackers are cybercriminals. They crack the security of the computer and get access to the information on the computer. 

To overcome this problem, cybersecurity specialists are at work. They are well trained to make the system safe enough for the owner. The cybersecurity acts as the solution to this problem because it helps in safeguarding the system. If cybersecurity and people associated with it do not make attempts to solve the security-related problems, then it is of no use. But in the current situation, cybersecurity is of great help. There are many strategies related to cybersecurity. The major strategy involves taking into consideration all the aspects of system security.

There are many ways in which cybersecurity work towards preventing cybercrime to a good level. Some ways are mentioned below:

  1. It protects the information related to stakeholders, employees, and clients in the system from cyber-attack.
  2. It prevents unlicensed outsiders from getting access to the organization’s system and information.
  3. Let it is any business. If the clients trust it, then it blooms at a good rate. Cybersecurity acts to retain the trust of both the clients and the stakeholders.
  4. There are some forms of attacks that target the computer system. This, in turn, leads to slowing down productivity. The work of the organization is affected, and it turns into a long-term problem for the organization. The cybersecurity comes to rescue by keeping the processor of the system safe from malware attack. As a result, the work remains uninterrupted, and there is efficient productivity.
  5. Cybersecurity is also applied to government organizations and can help in combatting terrorism. This keeps the nation and all its information safe.
  6. It is good to prevent a situation from happening than looking for its cure. Cybersecurity saves both time and resources, which are utilized in another productive manner.

To make sure that cybersecurity is well maintained, cybersecurity professionals are always at work. They utilize their skills and knowledge to make the system safe from unethical hackers. They act as the mastermind behind the skillful strategies and their successful implementation of the security system. They control the security system and help in mitigating the risk linked to it. They are professionals like IT auditors, managers, and most consultants. 

CISA Certification 

The CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) is the body that provides certification to the IT professionals related to cybersecurity. The certification acts as the validation of the skills and capabilities of the professional in various fields like management, IT auditing, and information security. ISACA is the governing body of this certification and has a great reputation all around the world. This association stands as the independent body which controls and regulates different aspects of information security and its ethics. 

The certification asks for some prerequisites, the most important of which is at least 5 years of professional work experience. From these 5 years, up to 3 years of experience can be replaced with studying or other experiences. The registration format is very simple, and the examination helps CISA to assess the knowledge of the individual. It is a 4-hour long examination and contains 150 MCQs. For passing the test, one has to secure at least 450 out of 800 marks. The respective individual can apply for the certification within 5 years after getting through the examination. All the candidates have to follow the code of conduct set by the ISACA while appearing for the examination and applying for the certificate.

The examination is essential because it covers all the important domains relating to Information Technology and Information Security set by the ISACA. These domains make it clear that a person is well qualified to acknowledge any security problem and can help in deleting the effects of cybercrime. The cost of the examination is different for the members and the non-members, but the difference is not much. Budget is an essential factor for everyone, but every penny invested in this certification course has its way back to the individual in the form of a highly reputed job position and a handsome salary package. This acts as a one-time investment with a great return. The certification is widely accepted in all parts of the world and paves the way for those who want to work overseas. The certification ensures that the candidates gain practical experience along with theoretical knowledge. That is the reason no one doubts the candidate had CISA certification. It creates a good impression on the employer, and he is relaxed about sharing the delicate and confidential matters of the organization with the prospective individual. 

If a person is determined, then everything is possible. It is not difficult to become a CISA certified professional; one just needs to believe his/her knowledge and wisdom. The CISA is always the right option to choose when a person is looking for a good career in this particular field. Many individuals all over the globe are linked with CISA directly or indirectly. The certification works as the stepping stone for the ladder of success. Its brand name is the result of its work ethics and teaching methods. Years together, CISA certification has kept its image intact without failure and is the biggest support of the government and organizations in providing well trained and capable professionals who can mitigate any cyber problems with great ease and effectiveness. 

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