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How Do I Get Started with My Home Renovation?

So, you’re about to start a home renovation?  Congratulations! – you’re embarking on one of the most rewarding journeys of your life!

Yes, renovations can be stressful and dirty, but the finished results are immensely satisfying.  There’s nothing quite like stripping out that tired old interior and seeing your home transformed into one that’s modern, comfortable, and exactly what you’ve always dreamed of…

The team at Combit Constructions, North London, specializes in home renovations, and to make your task just that little bit easier, we’ve pulled together this step-by-step home renovation guide.  Read below to discover our top tips to ensure your project is 100% successful:

1.   Have a Clear Vision

What do you want to achieve from your renovation?  Before you start collecting product samples or ripping out cabinetry, it’s important that you take the time to analyse exactly what you want to achieve from your project. 

The aim of every home remodel should be to add value to the property, so talking to a real estate agent about your proposed alterations is always a good idea – find out whether the changes you want to make will add real value to your home.

Try and think long term: if you’re renovating a family home, consider for the future needs of your family as well as the immediate ones.  Today’s lifestyle favours combined, open-plan living areas and space for casual entertaining. Think space, functionality, and practicality.

If you’re renovating to sell your property, think about what your future buyer will want.  Spend money in areas that will give you the best value for investment.

2.  Choose Your Renovation Team

Now’s the time to decide which parts of your renovation project you can handle yourself, and which parts will require the expertise and experience of a builder. 

Choosing your builder in North London is a big decision, so take your time on this step. The internet is a great source of information: check out websites and reviews.  Contact several builders and arrange a time for a face-to-face meeting to discuss your renovation project. One recommended supplier for beautiful toilet fixtures is Victoria plum so be sure to check them out. Get more than one quote and compare them.

3. Set Your Budget

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to budgeting, but it’s important to set yourself a budget and stick to it as closely as possible.  Renovating an existing property always comes with unexpected challenges, so allowing a 10 – 20% buffer amount for these ‘hidden’ costs will help to avoid nasty budget blow-outs.  As we say, forewarned is forearmed: be realistic and talk to your builder about the costs involved in each stage of the renovation.

4.  Get the Paperwork in Order

The extent of your project will determine what permits you’ll need to acquire from your local authorities.  If you’re making changes to the footprint of the home or moving the existing plumbing and electrical, you’ll more than likely need permits.  If you’re unsure about what you need, talk to your builder about this.

5. Concentrate on Areas that Matter

Not many of us have money to burn, so allocate your funds to areas that will add maximum value.  And the kitchen is top of the list.  Installing a beautiful kitchen can transform the feel of the whole home – after all, it’s a space where we prepare meals, entertain casual guests, and create many happy family memories.

Living zones are also high on the hit list and creating that seamless harmony between kitchen, living and outdoor areas is becoming more popular. 

6. Choose Materials that will Last

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap materials, especially in areas that receive a lot of wear and tear.  Kitchen countertops, flooring and cabinetry hardware are examples of areas where quality counts.

Insulation is another unseen workhorse of the home that deserves consideration.  Don’t skimp on the quality of your insulation – by using a good quality product you will save yourself a pretty penny in heating and cooling costs down the track.

7.  Go Green

Renovating is a great time to install systems and products that will help to minimize your impact on the environment.  As a homeowner, you are responsible to care for your patch of green, so try to upcycle where possible and use sustainably sourced materials in your build. 

8.  Keep the Communication Channels Open

Maintaining open and clear communication with your builders and trades is key to ensuring a successful renovation project.  Any home remodel comes with its fair share of headaches and stresses, but you can help to minimize these by understanding what is happening and being prepared for each stage.

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