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How do I optimize my Amazon Sales?

How do I optimize my Amazon Sales

Visiting different stores, facing crowd, and bargaining for the attire you choose, all these are traditional ways to shop. In the 21st century, things have become so easy when it comes to shopping. You don’t have to go through all those earlier mentioned hassles for buying stuff as per your choice and need. And to make it possible, there are so many online shopping apps available in your phone’s app store.

One such online shopping application is Amazon, which is actively present at your service to make your shopping easier than ever. But it is not easy for a seller or vendor to sell their products here. One must know how to use the best Amazon seller tools to increase their sales. So you can use the following ways to optimize your Amazon sales.

 1)    Product Listing and Analyzing them:

There are 6 steps to list up your product. You must include product tile, product images, key product features, product listing description, Amazon product reviews, and Amazon product rating. The proper listing will provide you with ratings on how each element is performing on the page.

And after creating the product list, it is also analyzed based on four things like sessions, unit session percentage, sales, and product reviews. After summing up all these elements thoroughly, you will be provided with a holistic review of your sales.    

2)      Keyword Ranking (SEO):

All the vendors or sellers want to be in the top 3 list of most searched or relevant keywords. As at present, more than 55% of product finding begins with Amazon. Some rules in keyword optimization must be followed.

The first step is to do firm research on relevant keywords for your product page. After you are done with this, you need to place those words in their significant places. You can place 5 top keywords as your product title and can add up a few other keywords in the search terms. You can also include some of your searched keywords in the product descriptions. If you are unsure of how all this works, you can hire an Amazon optimization consultant to help you optimize your keywords and ensure that you are hitting the right amount to be rank among the top few.

3)      Product Image:

Adding images of the product is one more important element to attract customers and gain success on Amazon. You can add up to 9 images; almost 80% of the product page should be filled with images. Things to keep in mind while adding images are- their size and ensure the quality of your pictures.

The main image must be surfaced on a plain white color background, and an image of product packaging must also be included. Moreover, add some lifestyle images if you can, that shows the usage of products. And last but not least, you can utilize the infographics of the product to demonstrate its key features.

4)      Post Honest Customer Reviews:

It is important to win the trust of your customers first. And to do so, you can add the review ratings of your previous customers or may add up results provided by Amazon as social proof and giving future customers confidence and trust. And if the site doesn’t allow showcasing reviews, you can also run a few email campaigns to keep your customers aware of the products.

5)      FAQ Section:

A FAQ section is also a good idea to produce a meaningful relationship with the customers. Customers often have some questions regarding the product. So it becomes very helpful to them to clear their queries and be double sure before they buy.


So these are some ideas to optimize your sales on Amazon. Apart from these, you can also add product videos, bullet points, split tests, final words, etc. to make your product page more creative and attractive to increase its sale.

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