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How Do I Unfreeze My Amazon Account?

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Selling on Amazon is fascinating, especially when you confirm and fulfill your first order, receive your first income, and get positive feedback, and so on. There’s a first for everything, and Amazon account suspensions are not an exception!


Everything happens suddenly, out of the blue; most of the sellers don’t even predict receiving an Amazon account suspension email! But it's a fact that your account has been suspended, so let’s adapt to this situation, and try to find a proper solution. Panic hasn’t helped anyone so far!


First of all, let’s calm down and try to play by Amazon’s rules. If you come across Amazon account suspensions, we at Got Suspended? are always here with you. Our Amazon appeal service will help you reinstate your account owing to our experience in the Amazon world. So, let’s see what you can do to unfreeze, or in other words, reinstate your Amazon account. Don’t ever think about suing Amazon; this will only make the matters worse. Try to investigate your suspension.


Why you got suspended, why Amazon decided to freeze your account, and what you can do to get it back? Thoroughly examine Amazon’s email, and try to find the keywords that can help you. Finding these will make it available for you to figure out not only the reason for your suspension, but also all those steps which you should take to get your account back. Inspect your account, explore its metrics, and see what’s going on inside your account’s head!


Suspensions can occur because of everything, and you should be ready to turn your account upside down to find the root cause. It can be literally everything – inauthentic suspension, Intellectual Property Infringement, selling old as new, faking reviews, selling restricted products, receiving negative feedback, working with a fake supplier, and so forth!


If you have already understood the reason for freezing your account, you can move on to the next stage – writing the appeal letter. The latter should include the reason for suspension, steps you took, and of course, what you will do in future to avoid similar wearisome situations. Keep in mind that each word and each sentence should show that you know what you are talking about. Be open and transparent, Amazon’s Seller Performance Team simply loves that! It’s always a good idea to mention FBA; to clarify, that you will shift to the FBA selling method!


Amazon is obsessed not only with its customers, but also its services, one of which is Fulfillment by Amazon. It’s tiring and difficult to find the right words that will persuade Amazon to get your account back; but once you have proper information, you can surely do it. You can even have the best appeal letter, and the Seller Performance team can still reject you. Don’t worry; there are special tools that can help you in these situations, for example, escalating your case.


However, if you feel uncomfortable within this situation, you can always contact our reinstatement service, and we will help you with your case. We’ll even throw tips on Multi Account Amazon issues for good measure! Contact Got Suspended? Today and get the latest updates!

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