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How Do People Remove Kitchen Tile Backsplash?

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House shifting, renovating, embellishments, and renewal of tiles always need cleaning the wall from previous tiles and panels. People, who always want to keep up with the latest trend, renew their houses a lot. It also gives a change of environment from time to time and enhances the style of the house as well. To place new tiles, you need to get previous tiles off. The trick is to take the tile off without ruining the wall behind. Before placing any tile, there is always a separate white coat of paint underneath the tile. It takes a few simple steps and a technique to remove kitchen backsplash tile.

You can try DIY and easily take it all off from the walls neat and clean. Replace them with cheap kitchen tiles and maintain the budget as well.

The Tools You Need

The super tools you need are a scraper, hammer, and crowbar. Additional requirements are a small bowl of cement and white paint. You need patience and concentration while you work. If you get tired within a few minutes, then this work will be difficult for you!

The Scrapper Technique

Start with the last tile. Place the scraper behind the tile and lightly hammer it inside until it breaks off the wall. Keep placing the scraper deep behind the tile, until you can easily apply force to take the entire tile off. All your tiles will require this exact technique. You cannot apply excessive force, it will ruin the wall behind and the tile will break as well.

What about the Grout and Adhesive?

The grouting is a stiff and tough material that does not break easily. A tile can break but a grout takes time to scrap off. Once you get the adhesive behind the tile in your scraper’s grip, you need to apply a pulling or forward force towards yourself so the tile pops off. Keep scraping the tile and breaking the bonds of the tile this way. The hammer will conveniently let the scrapper go deeper to the base of the tile and then break off the bondage.

Crowbar Technique

In case you do not have a scrapper, then you can use a crowbar, which is more convenient than both the previous tools. Simply adjust the head of the crowbar to the tile, hook it behind and gently take the tiles off one by one. You do not want to damage the wall behind, just take the paint off along the tile.

Cement and White Paint

Once all the tiles are off the wall, the ripped, damaged, and scrapped paint off the wall can cause an uneven surface for the new tile you will install. For this purpose, you can paste a thin layer of mixed cement on the wall and then roll white paint all over the backsplash wall to even and straighten the surface. Let both the layers dry out separately and then install a new tile on the place.

This was all about how removing and cleaning the kitchen backsplash from tiles.


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