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How Do Professionals Erect Scaffolding?

Scaffolding next to a tall building is marvellous to watch. Have you ever wondered how scaffolding is erected/ installed? Installing scaffolding is a meticulous job that requires the precision of surgery if you want to be technical. When it comes to erecting scaffolding, you’re dealing with people’s lives, thus, scaffolding must meet stringent occupational health and building regulations. Only qualified, trained and experienced scaffolding professionals should erect/ install and dismantle scaffolding, as they have been trained on how to set up scaffolding on the roof with precision.

Here are some vital elements that make sure scaffold is set up/ erected in the right manner:

A Sturdy & Dependable Foundation

The foundation, on which you’re installing scaffolding, is of great prominence. Mudsills or base plates are perfect for removing the likelihood of whimsical movement. For a well-built and firm footing, mudsills provide the base with the perfect type of surface. If the ground is not leveled, digging may be an option. To fill up the gaps, make use of mud. To level up the scaffold’s structure, adjustment screw needs to be used. If the foundation is on a slope, you may need leg-extensions. Many a time, clients want to know, how long it takes to erect the scaffolding structure. Basically, it will come down to how good the foundation is. If the ground is uneven, then it needs to be prepared first that will take significant time. Well, erecting and installing a scaffold isn’t as complicated as preparing the foundation.


In case, you’re planning to move scaffold from one place to another, then you must fit it with casters first. Don’t forget to lock the casters once the scaffolding is in the right position.

Frame’s Assembly

  • Frame assembly starts with setting up the ends. Lift the first end and fasten it with the cross brace above.
  • Ensure that brace’s far end supports the end piece.
  • Then after, lift the next end piece and fasten it to the cross brace above.
  • The end of each cross brace ought to be protected to the end frame’s bottom on its opposite frame.

Firmness Check

Move the scaffolding in various directions to confirm if it’s safe, moves systematically, and maintains its level. If it waggles, regardless of how miniature, get it inspected for the imperfect link and solve the problem.

Bring in planks

First of all, ensure you have the right hardware to secure each plank into its place. Now raise a plank, lift it through the boards, and put it in the proper place. To guarantee 100% of workers’ safety, make use of tie-offs and guardrails.

Without holding an appropriate licence, how high can you erect a scaffold?

In Australia, you don’t require scaffolding license if you’re erecting scaffold for less than four meters height. However, if the height equals or surpasses four meters, you must obtain a scaffolding license. If you would like to speak to a scaffolding specialist for the right guidance, then get in touch with the established scaffolding company in Sydney.

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