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How do roller shutters work?

Roller shutters are commonplace in society. It’s likely that late at night or early in the morning you’ll see them used over shop fronts, to both signify how they’re closed and deter any thieves. They are crucial for this very purpose, which is why they’re used by a diverse range of people – from those who own a domestic garage to those who operate warehouses on a large scale.

But how exactly do they work? Is there a complex mechanical process involved to ensure all runs smoothly? When you require roller shutter repairs in Manchester or elsewhere, this prior knowledge could allow you to speak more in-depth to one of the experts that visit your facility.

With this in mind, here are some of the main functions of roller shutters.

What’s included

Roller shutters operate by sliding vertically on tracks to provide a cover for your premises whenever you need it. Usually located at entrances and shop fronts, they are made from tough, galvanised steel to offer ultimate protection from any unauthorised access. They are securely fixed against the ground when they are closed to ensure that they can’t be easily damaged or lifted from their foundations.

But how exactly do they operate? And how do all of their components work together? Here we take a closer look.

Cheek plate – also known as the end plate. This component is located at the top of the curtain, where it takes the load of the roller shutter curtain, holds it in place, and supports it throughout use.

Flag post – a flag post is what the cheek plate is welded into, providing further support for the overall structure. This also makes the installation of the shutter easier, so you can quickly start to use the security device. The flag post is a vertical pole that runs down the side of the curtain.

Roller assembly – located at the top of the curtain, this is one of the most visible components of roller shutters in Manchester or anywhere else. A roller assembly holds the curtain in place when it has been opened and is not in use, and can be found as a horizontal tube.

Tubular motor – arguably the most important aspect of a roller shutter as, you guessed it, it is the main driver behind the curtain moving up and down when needed. It’s fitted at the top of the shutter, next to the roller assembly, and has a limit switch to control how far the curtain can travel, as well as an operational brake that can allow the shutter to be held stationary.

Safety brake – in the event of a failure in the operation of your roller shutter, the safety brake becomes especially important. If the shutter fails to remain stationary on command, or descends at a speed that is uncontrollable for the other components, the safety brake will activate. Due to the heavy strain that will be placed on the brake during use, it may need to be repaired or replaced once it has been triggered. If this type of safety brake hasn’t been fitted on your roller shutter, it may have a U-Cup or Bearing to support the barrel instead.

Guides – to support the smooth motion of the curtain, guides are fitted along both sides. They represent a ‘U’ shape in their design.

Curtain – the element that ultimately keeps your building safe. If you decide to use Roller Shutter UK for your security solutions, the curtain is made from the toughest galvanised steel and held together by horizontal rods. As such, it is a dependable and durable way of protecting your building.

Do you need roller shutters?

Roller shutters perform a remarkable job in ensuring that your property and the belongings inside are safe from those that may be trying to access and damage or steal them. If you feel like you could benefit, then be sure to contact the experts at Roller Shutter UK. They provide fantastic roller shutters in Manchester and further afield in North West England.

To get in touch with any enquiries today, call 0800 328 9356 or fill out their online enquiry form for a response as soon as possible.

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