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How do the Level 2 Service Providers Wire Electric Meters?

Many people are quite unsure about what level 2 electricians provide services. A level 2 electricians are involved in the ASP. The derived form of ASP is Accredited and Authorized Service Provider. There is a vast difference between the ASP electricians and ordinary electricians.


Normal electricians can do only basic electrical work. But level 2 electricians are capable of doing any difficult live electrical work like electrical wire meter. Level 2 electrical contractors are more efficient to do technical work than regular electricians. The NSW Department of Energy licenses them.


Electricity Flat-rate Meter:


Four types of electric meters are present here- Flat-rate, interval, and smart meters. Depending upon the types of the meter, the electricity cost may differ. Smart meters have many exclusive features that help you to understand the consumption process. That allows you to know when you have to control your electricity for saving your money.


This meter installation process is safely done by the level 2 service provider Sydney. Electricity Flat-rate meter is commonly known as accumulation meter. After installing these types of meter, it started to record your electricity usage. And this whole process of installation is done by the level 2 electrical service providers.


Electricity Smart Meter:


A smart meter is efficient than the normal meter. Electric smart meters can do advanced and traditional types of work. Level 2 electrical contractors are so much proficient at doing these types of live electrical work. A smart meter can help you to understand where the potential savings may occur. It measures energy digitally and calculates the amount of consumed energy.


Level 2 electrical providers design a smart meter such a way that it sends meter reading to the energy supplier automatically. The smart meter also has the feature of notifying the electrical supplier if there is any blackout occurs. Then the supplier measures the amount of your power and switches off the power supply without any fieldwork.


Electricity Interval Meter:


If you want to wire a new electrical meter to replace the old meter instrument, then you have to call a level 2 electricians. Any regular electricians are not capable of wiring an electrical meter. This type of meter is less advanced than smart meters or flat-rate meters. The Interval meter does not measure data with a traditional spinning disk or electromagnetically.


It calculates energy electronically. Interval meters help you to decrease your power supply cost. They are designed in such a way that it records energy with a half-hour’ interval. That's why it is called the interval meter. Level 2 electricians are the best for designing interval meters.


Solar Meter:


When you choose solar meter among all meters, firstly, you have to inform Level 2 service providers that you want to use solar energy as a new meter. Moreover, there are three types of solar meter present. These are net meters, bi-directional meters, and dual meters.


Net Meters display the amount of net power supply within a house. It does not calculate net energy. However, a net meter shows the difference between the used energy and the generated energy. If your solar system generates 70 kWh energy, and the used energy is 90 kWh. Then the net meter will show 20.


In the bi-directional meter, there are three screens. The first screen is a test screen, and the second screen receives power. And lastly, it shows the net power. When you are choosing dual metering, you need to install two separate meters. The first meter will show the usage of total electricity and the second meter helps to count the amount of generating energy. This whole solar meter installation process is properly planned by the level 2 electricians.




From the above passage, it can be concluded that level 2 electrical service providers play a vital role in any electrical ground. They give the best and safe power supply which is cost-effective also. In both commercial and domestic fields, it is very much essential to wire an electrical meter, and level 2 electricians can do this wiring process.

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