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How do we review the best live casinos?

Live Casino creates a safer emotion. 90% of the information reaches us through Vision, which inevitably gives a live casino game more confidence than playing against a robot. When you see the dealer rolling the dice, it leaves you feeling much nicer than trusting the random number generator. You have direct support. For normal games, you need to contact customer service and hope for the best, but for live games, the problem usually resolves in just a few moments. Games are honest. Don't get me wrong, casino games are not really fraudulent and everything is based on a random number generator. However, when playing against a robot, everything depends on chance, while when playing in a live casino, you have one goal – to beat the dealer you see on the screen. A Live casino without a wide selection of games is not the right Casino. A wide range of casino games helps to attract and keep customers playing because you won't get bored. Most of these games are optimized for mobile phones, so the user experience can be even better than playing on a regular computer. It is possible to get something special from each game, as they differ in design rather than content. Everyone will find something for themselves in the casino, since the choice is very wide. Roulette is often called the Queen of casino games and is the most popular among live games. In this game, players can bet on a specific number, a set of numbers, a color (red or black), whether the number is even or odd, and whether the number is small (1-18) or large (19-36). 

Baccarat is also a classic of casino games invented in France. There is much debate about the origin of this game, with some sources claiming that it dates back to the 19th century. century. According to others, French soldiers already learned this during the Franco-Italian war, which took place in Italy under Charles VIII in the 15th century. century. Blackjack (also 21 or pontoon) is the game with the highest chance of winning. This game requires not only luck, but also a sharp mind and skill. Each card is dealt to each player and is visible to all players or only one player, depending on the casino and table. In the US version, the dealer also receives two cards, one facing up and the other facing down. In other versions, only one dealer gets a card visible to everyone. Cards from 2 to 10 have a face value. The value of the images (boy, mistress and King) is ten. The value of an ace is either one or the other. The value of the hand here is the sum of the values of the card. Players can add more cards from the deck to improve their score. If you have an ace, the hand is “soft”, because if you take and otherwise split, the value of the ace can be turned into one and the split broken. The one whose hand is closest to 21, but not above it, that is, “broken”, wins.

In addition to the above, there are many, many other games in live casinos. Perhaps the most popular of them are bingo and (video)poker. Bingo is a social game that was played in bingo halls and public places for a century. Players have a card with a certain number of numbers. The winner is the one who fills his card before the other players. Video poker is for anyone looking for the sharpness and entertainment of ordinary poker and something more. It's a great and accessible gaming experience, offering something for players who love a laid-back style. Video poker is also worth discovering because you won't find cheaper RTP anywhere in particular. Of course, there is much more in live casinos besides the aforementioned, bingo and video poker, but you can already discover it yourself. Here we have listed the casino game providers operating in India and presented them briefly. As you can see, there are quite a lot of casino game providers in India, which is due to high interest in IT business and intense competition, which generally means more innovative solutions for consumers and better overall quality.

Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006. in and now it has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of live casino games. The company has also consistently received various awards from EGR (eGaming Review) as well as many other gaming organizations for its innovative work. In recent years alone, Evolution Gaming has released quite a few live casino games that are now well known. 2019. games released in include “Monopoly Live” with 3D animations, an improved version of the dice game, “Lightning Dice”, and “Super Sic Bo”. 2020. however, “Mega Ball”, “Crazy time” and “Lightning Bacarrat”appeared in. 2012. founded in, Ezugi has grown into a key player in the live casino, operates nine studios with 20 games and collaborates with more than 100 operators around the world. Players in several countries around the world can enjoy the exciting entertainment that Ezugi's award-winning portfolio of games offers. The complete Game Pack is widely available for play. Ezugi looks set to continue to grow its global appeal as a leader in the global live casino online gaming experience by partnering with Live Casino and online gaming networks. It will be interesting to see how these partnerships increase their audience, market, and impact their products and services. Ezugi is definitely one that 2022. in the watch. Lucky Streak is an Israeli-based developer of games with live Dealers, founded only in 2014. in. This private company currently employs over 70 people, including experts in online behavior and product development.

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