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How do you add someone into a group on whatsapp

How do you add someone into a group on whatsapp

For upon |Hey, friends welcome to my another post, today I will tell you something more interesting about whatsapp. It is a fantastic application with lots of features. We suggest you not to leave any portion, read the full post. In the end, you will learn how can you add more members to a WhatsApp group.

Before that, for our new user, I explain about whatsapp. Whatsapp is an instant message application available for smartphones like Android, IOS, Windows and many other operating systems. User likes its clean interface and its secureness. Whatsapp uses point to point encryption in their message.

When the app released it change the revolution of SMS (short message service) Before that people use to text each other which coast a lot. On whatsapp data sent and received using the internet and we can share text, images, videos, files and much more without any limit.

What are whatsapp group

Whatsapp has lots of features which make our work easier, whatsapp group is one of the features. If we need to share any content with more than one user or we need to chat with more than one user, then the function of the group takes place.

Using WhatsApp group, we can create a chat thread with up to 256 members, and there we can make conversation. Whatsapp does not have any limit of messages or type; whatever we want we can share on the WhatsApp group.

We understand for every feature users have lots of doubt, for clearing your doubt I am writing the post. You can go through it to make your doubt clear. I will tell you how can you add someone into a group on whatsapp.

How to add someone in a group

First of all, there are two methods by which we can add someone into a whatsapp group. Both the method are defined step by step below.

#1 Adding by Admin

If you are admin of a group then you have all rights to add someone or to remove someone, please note the maximum number of user can connect with a group is up to 256. Steps to add a user by admin mentioned below.

*Open the whatsapp group in which you want to add a member

*Tap on the group name to open group profile

*Once profile get open slide below to Add participants

* Click on Add participants option

* Now select contacts which you want to add

*Tap on Green tick to move to the next option

*Now you have successfully added the contacts into your group

#2  Adding a user by invitation link

The method is useful and uses by most of the user who is not group admin. By this method, you can get invitation link which you can copy and share with a user who wants to connect. Follow the steps below to get the group link.

*Open the whatsapp group where you want to connect a user

*Tap on the group name to open group profile

*Once group profile get open slide below to invite via link option

*Tap on invite by line

*Copy the URL and make it share it with the other user who wants to connect with your group

Anyone who taps on the link will directly connect with the group, and it is the latest feature and interesting feature presented by whatsapp.

All the required information about adding someone to the whatsapp group shared on this post. Share this with your friends and family to spread the knowledge Tech mistake.