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How Do You Get a Security Dog?

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Securing your property and possessions is crucial. One way to achieve this objective is to get a security dog. You won't lose items or pay an extra security guard. The security dog can also be more reliable than some security guards.


This post will help you discover how to get a security dog.

When to Get a Security Dog


You can get security dogs if you have a large piece of land that needs patrolling or perimeter checks. They may be appropriate for these areas:


  • Large sites: They need perimeter checks.


  • Corporate offices: A static guard might not resolve all the issues.


  • High-crime areas: These places may need extra security.


  • Unoccupied land: A security dog can chase intruders.


  • Drug detection: An expert dog can sense illicit substances.


The Law Regulating Guard Dogs


The Guard Dogs Act of 1975 protects security dog owners, victims, and guard dogs. The law prohibits some dog breeds from being kept and bred as security dogs. These breeds are:


1. Pit Bull Terrier


2. Dogo Argentino


3. Japanese Tosa


4. Fila Brasileiro


Breaching this law can attract a fine of up to £5,000. The law encourages and allows people to have some breeds as security dogs, such as:


« German Shepherd


« Kuvasz


« Staffordshire Terrier


« Rhodesian Ridgeback


The law also requires dog owners to have a present handler, warn others there's a dog on-premise, and be liable for any damage caused by the dog if you didn't restrain it or put a warning sign.


Where to Get a Guard Dog


A security company can offer guard dogs for your property. Ask for a friend's recommendation or search online for the companies that have them. You may pay £5,000–10,000 plus VAT for standard level dogs. If you want executive-level dogs, you may pay over £12,000, depending on the training level, bloodline, and origin.


Once you choose a security company to provide a security dog, you'll have these steps.


  • Identify your needs: The security company's representatives will listen to what you need. They will figure out if you want a specific breed or need protection for particular areas.


  • Ask questions: You'll ask the questions you have or request the company to address your concerns. This step is essential to make the acquisition straightforward.


  • Check your options: The security company will help you consider various security dogs. They will take you through the requirements and advantages of each breed.


  • Make your decision: Once you go through the options, you'll choose a security dog. Ensure you'll be comfortable with the security dog you take to your property. You may ask about the care the dog needs to confirm if you'll manage to provide it.


  • Handling arrangements: You'll make special arrangements if the security dog needs specialised care. For example, the security company can provide a handler as you discover more about the security dog.


A security dog can offer affordable, reliable, and trained security. Getting one for your property can reduce cases of burglary or intruders. You may get one from a security company to enjoy these benefits.

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