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How Do You Keep Fried Chicken Crispy?

What is the best thing about fried chicken? Obviously, its scrumptiousness and crispy texture. I hope most of the people will agree on that. That is the reason why fast-food chains have got the wings. We cannot say no to a restaurant's crispy fried chicken and often wonder, why can’t we make such at home? Today, we will unveil all the details about keeping fried chicken crispy and luscious for a long time. But before going deep down we shall first understand why fried chicken loses its crispiness.

Reason Of A Soggy Fried Chicken: 

Despite taking all the precautions and possible measures, the chunky fried chicken loses crispiness. It is because of the moisture in the chicken and air. As the fried chicken absorbs moisture from the surrounding, it becomes soggy. The moisture does not mean that you soak it in the water, it is present everywhere in the environment. So, based on this fact, you have to avoid the contact of moisture with fried chicken. Following are the tips and tricks that you can use to keep your fried chicken crunchy and crispy for a longer time period.

Method Number 1: Using A Cooling Rack Set:

The best method to keep the fried chicken crispy is using a cooling rack set over a baking sheet. The cooling rack is a utensil made up of stainless steel wires that is useful to cool down the fried food. It is a very useful tool for making the fried chicken crispy as it helps in the extraction of excessive oil while circulating air from the above and beneath. When the food is extremely hot, it has moisture in it, which needs to be removed instantly. When the food absorbs the moisture, when normally cooling down at room temperature, it becomes soggy. So, the cooling rack set not only cools down the food instantly but provides it with apt air circulation to make it equally crispy from all sides. This method is suitable for maintaining chicken crispy for an hour.

Method Number 2: Using Oven:

Another popular method of keeping chicken crispy but for a couple of hours is using an oven. The method of using oven for maintaining the crispiness of chicken is as follows:

1- Preheat the oven at a standard heating temperature and not at a cooking temperature.

2- After frying the chicken, place them on a wired rack.

3- Place the baking sheet and wire rake inside the oven.

4- Keep it in the oven until it does not dry out.

Following this process will help in evaporating moisture from the fried chicken and making it completely crispy.

Method Number 3: Using An Air Fryer: 

Using a fryer is the best option for keeping the fried chicken crispy and cutting down the double work to fry and heat or cool. It deep-fries the chicken without submerging it in the oil. The hot air circulation in the fryer makes the chicken crispy and crunchy. You can also use it to reheat the fried chicken to maintain its crispiness.

Bottom line: 

Using the above-mentioned techniques, you can maintain the crispiness of the chicken. If you do not get any results, you must be doing something wrong at doing the procedure. For example, the biggest mistake we make is directly frying a chicken from the refrigerator. A refrigerator is a great appliance to keep the chicken cool and fresh but let it sit at room temperature before it goes into the oil pan or air fryer. It will make it really easy for you to maintain the crispiness and crunchiness of chicken.

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