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How Do You Know If Products Review Is Real

Many people think that looking for a good product review on google is like searching for a black cat in a dark room. Since there are a bunch of fake reviews available on the internet about consumer products. Therefore finding a genuine product review is a tough task to purchase suitable products. However, many websites provide authentic reviews from real customers like Trustpilot, TestFreaks, Yelp, HundredX, etc.

Before an online purchase, analyzing the review, whether it is fake or genuine, is mandatory. Because reviews not only have the power to control consumer decisions but also help to gain customer trust. So, How Do You Know If a Product Review Is Real or Fake? Is there any sign to detect fake product reviews? If you want all those answers on one platform, then read this article with care.

Why You Should Cautious About Online Reviews

Product reviews are opinions or feedback from the customer for a particular product. Which sometimes determines another customer intends to purchase the product. That is why online reviews are essential, and you should be cautious about them.

Reviews become a digital reputation. It helps you to get noticed, conduct more sales, enhance search engine rankings, and lastly, convince customers. According to research, nearly 9 in 10 consumers in America take reviews as a personal recommendation before purchasing an online product. Besides, 72% of them believe that positive reviews make them trust more in a local business. 86% of people hesitate to purchase online products due to negative online reviews.

Online reviews are also important for the startup company. If you want to run an eCommerce business, reviews of your product make a huge difference. For the vast areas of review sites and level of trust, most people will consider your product according to review. No matter what your target demographic, industry, or market is. Therefore people Buy Trustpilot Reviews for their eCommerce website to build up a good reputation.

How Do You Know If a Product Review Is Real?

There is no rocket science to understand whether a product review is real or not. A bogus review is always more overwhelming than legitimate reviews. Bad reviewers use more polite language, and they write reviews in broken English. Since they are hiring from third-world countries to do phony reviews. Their writing tone is not like a native potential customer.

There is a proverb, “All the glitters are not gold.” Remember this proverb before reading an online review. A five-star review is not always an authentic review from a real customer. Many fake reviewers influenced the verified purchase market. However, there are many signs that will assure you of the authenticity of the review. You can quickly identify whether the review is fraudulent or a genuine review by concerning those legitimate issues.

Before writing this article, we take consumer advice from the expertise in this field. We questioned them How Do You Know If a Product Review Is Real? The gist of their answer is, an honest review is always well balanced, has details about the reviewer, long and well written, and has verified purchase. In addition, an honest review has more helpful votes than phony reviews. Besides, they told us potential customers who write honest reviews always write positive reviews and negative reviews. They will not write a one-sided review.

Sign of a Bogus Product Review 

Truth and lies are just like the opposite of a coin. If you detect the lies, you can easily understand whether it is accurate or fake. Therefore, to identify if a product review is real or fake, you must know what is a bogus review. Remember, fake people always keep a footprint of their bad work. Like that, a product review may have a 5-star rating, but if you see closely, you can easily understand it is a fake product review. Here in this section, we will discuss what the possible sign of a bogus product review is.

  • Lack of details: It’s tough to explain what you do not experience. That is why a fake review is always lacking information on the product. Fake reviewers use common types of information to influence new buyers. According to the CEO of Fakespot, in gadget type of review, you will see fake reviewers use only highly influential words to convince the buyers without detailed discussion.
  • Use more first-person pronouns: This is the human psychology that, when people tell a lie, they want to emphasize their talk by using first-person pronouns. That’s why people use “I” or “me” in dishonest reviews more often. By using those pronouns, they want to give trust to them. But potential and intelligent people can quickly identify their technique. So that experts suggest avoiding those kinds of reviews when you wish to purchase an online product.
  • Use more verbs than nouns: This is another technique of detecting the fake review by analyzing the language. A genuine review has javier nouns than verbs. In a bogus review, the reviewer intends to make the substitute pleasant by telling fake-sounding stories. Here is a part of a fake review that has more verbs than nouns. “These are the greatest headphones ever !! You can connect without worry to your Bluetooth. The headphones last amazing eleven-hour battery life. You should buy one.
  • Time of review: Looking at the time of review is another technique of detecting a fake review. Because most of the fake reviews are paid reviews by the product owner, they target the people from social networks before a big sale. When there are deep discounts on Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, etc, they hire the reviewer for money exchange for reviews. That      s why looking for the review history is essential to detecting the inauthentic review.

Tools for Detecting Fake Online Product Review

Inauthentic product reviews are an epidemic. The site that ferrets fake reviews has most of the products in bad condition. But with the advancement of technology in every sector, there are numerous Tools for Detecting the Lies in Reviews on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, and many online product purchasing sites. Those tools calculate the weight of the reviews based on their algorithm and statistical modeling. Here below, we listed those tools for your happy purchasing.

  1. ReviewMeta: It examines the reviews and gives an accurate rating. ReviewMeta works based on the language used in the review, the number of reviews, frequency of reviews. Reviwmeta.com is available for mobile phones as an application version and also available for laptops and iPad.
  2.  Fakespot:This is an analytical tool created especially for analyzing the product reviews on Amazon, eBay, and other online shopping sites. The user just needs to copy the product link then Fakespot analyzes the reviews based on dates, frequency, purchasing patterns, and verified purchases. This tool is free and considered a handy online tool by most users. 
  3.  The Review Index: This is another handy online tool for detecting a bad review. They mainly analyzed the authenticity of the products’ reviews. They will tell you the summary of the review along with the pros and cons of the product. Many users think that The Review Index is a more essential tool than Fakespot and ReviewMeta. But still, some of the users find it as a handy tool for spotting fake reviews.


According to research by Harvard Business Journal, people buy a product if they see five positive reviews of a product. Sellers of the product take the chance of it. They create fake profiles to convince the real consumer. But we know the pain of purchasing the wrong product by trusting in inaccurate reviews. Therefore we have tried our best to concern you before an online product.

By going through this article, we hope you have got vivid information on How Do You Know If a Product Review Is Real. If you remember all those things before an online purchase, there is a big chance you will never be convinced by a fraudulent review. Moreover, use your common sense rather than entirely depending on online product reviews before purchase.

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