Monday, October 2, 2023
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For many drivers who don't know much about car maintenance, a radiator service may seem like it is not essential after all. But, you must take care of the radiator or cooling system of your car, especially before winter. What the radiator does is that it prevents the engine from overheating by using a solution known as a coolant to take away heat from the engine and distribute it all over the vehicle. The coolant also contains a solution known as antifreeze that prevents the water from crystallizing during colder temperatures—that is why it is crucial to check this part before the winter season sets in.  

The antifreeze is usually acidic, so the solution is also made up of corrosive inhibitors, which keep the acid from eroding the vehicle's metal parts, such as the aluminum parts, which are most exposed to such a danger. However, the corrosive inhibitors degrade over time, which is why you should keep an eye on the antifreeze to replace it regularly. Because, if you don't check it, the coolant eventually corrodes the metal parts of your car, leaving you with more repair costs than you would have if you had it checked earlier enough. 

A Natrad radiator servicing is an effortless way to take care of such problems. The mechanic drains the old solution and replaces it with a fresh coolant. However, some amateur mechanics leave 50% of the old solution and replace 50% of it, resulting in a disaster. Dealing with a professional ensures that all the old coolant is drained. With such an insight, lets us look at the signs that indicate you need a radiator servicing or repair. 

If your car overheats

When your car overheats is one of the most obvious signs that you need radiator servicing. Overheating is seen when steam billows out from the bottom of its hood. When your car overheats, it shows that the coolant is contaminated somehow or the coolant system is leaking. However, if the coolant level seems full despite the engine overheating, it is advisable to flush the radiator. 

Coolant leak

When you discover a yellow, bright green, and sometimes pink solution oozing from your vehicle, it may have a coolant leak. The coolant is what prevents the engine from overheating or its water from freezing during winter. When this solution is not there, your engine will quickly overheat.

Low coolant levels

It would be best if you also kept checking your vehicle fluids to ensure they are at the proper levels. When you discover low coolant levels, ensure you contact your mechanic to check on that.

Radiator discoloration

In the case you spring a leak in the radiator, it can allow the liquid to squirt out and splash on the hot engine parts. Naturally, the fluid quickly bubbles off and leaves traces of discoloration, which eventually rusts. That is a sign that you need radiator servicing. 

The temperature gauge reads hot.

If the temperature gauge on your dashboard continuously points to hot, there is a likelihood of some problem. Either there is a thermostat problem, or your vehicle could be low on fluid.

The bottom line


Controlling the engine temperature is necessary to prevent gaskets and seals from breaking, causing leaks and metals from overheating. Therefore, you should regularly have the radiator serviced.

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