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How Do You Measure Success?

You’ve worked hard for years and years putting in countless hours of work while your friends and family were off doing fun things. It took four years of college studying and learning to earn your degree. Finally you graduate college only to be thrown into the real world, the working world, and you search and search until you find what you think is the perfect job. It’s seems like all you do is work but slowly and surely you gradually work your way up the ladder and one day as you are sitting in your office you think to yourself, “I finally made it as a successful businessman.”

But how do you really know that you are successful? How do you measure success? To some success means money in the bank, a large home, a nice car and taking vacations twice a year. To others the definition of success may be a healthy family, a steady job and a loving spouse. There is no right or wrong answers to the million dollar question. What’s your definition of success?


Have you ever heard the saying, “Numbers don’t lie?” This is one of the things that I have found to be so very true throughout the course of my life. Numbers don’t lie. You can manipulate them all day long but at the end of the day one plus one is always going to equal two. To me this makes all the sense in the world to use money as a degree of success. The more money you have the more successful you are, right? Maybe, but it goes back to success is in the eye of the beholder and we are talking about success not happiness.

The Mansion

You have to admit that whenever you pass by a big fancy house you think to yourself, “Whoever lives there must be a successful businessman.” A large home makes a huge statement about how you are doing and your achievements. There’s no way you can be living paycheck to paycheck and live in a million dollar home, it’s just not possible. The things you have in your home or around your home also help define your success.

What To Do With Your Mansion

You can’t live in a million dollar home and not have a fancy custom pool in the backyard. To get the pool of your dreams you can search for pool builders in Maryland and you will be on your way to an oasis in your backyard. Guest that visits your home will see your nice new pool and fabulous backyard and they will know that you have accomplished a high level of success in life.


You automobile takes you everywhere you want to go like to and from work every day and all around town to do the things you enjoy. This means that your friends and co-worker are more likely to see your car before they see your home. Driving an expensive car usually lets people know that you are enjoying a high level of success. A nice car is also a great reward for yourself for all the years of sacrifice and hard work that you put in to get where you are.

Wrap It Up

All of these things are a way for you to know the extent of your success. If you can manage to have all of these things along with a family that is happy and loving then you can sit back and know that you have really achieved the thing that everyone else works so hard to get. Having nice things and being a successful business man won’t really mean much to you if you don’t have a spouse or family to share it with.

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