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How Do You Plan For A Silent Retreat?

A Silent Retreat

Silent retreat - One of the most incredible ways to enjoy life! Inspired by the delight of Yoga and Meditation, the program helps a person with the process of self-retrospection. In many ways, silent retreats act like a mirror that reflects the inner consciousness of a practitioner. As the name suggests, the event lets one relish the peaceful aroma of Mother Nature while being silent. Although a silent retreat is quite similar to a Yoga retreat in Nepal, there are multiple differences between the two programs. Complete quietness is maintained in the silent retreat. Practices such as Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Asanas, Silent Mantra Yoga, etc. make up the entire program.

Far away from the city life and workaholic environment, a silent Yoga holiday helps you identify yourself. Most of the programs don’t even allow you to use any kind of scientific gazette in order to keep the program entirely natural. Let’s talk about how one should plan his/her journey to the site of the silent retreat.

1. Book a silent retreat

If you have planned to attend a silent retreat in Nepal, the first thing you should do is book a program that resonates with your choice. The planning should be very wise in order to enjoy most of it. While booking an event, keep in mind the location and natural beauty of the place. In Nepal, the most popular places for a silent retreat are Pokhara and Lumbini. It is a nice decision to join a program that sponsors Buddhist meditation techniques. Again, if you love natural beauties, go for places that are located in the vicinity of jungles, waterfalls or rivers. It is advised to compare the prices of different Yoga centers before paying the fee.

2.Book flight tickets

After securing your spot, the next task is to book your flight tickets. If you don’t belong to the Indian subcontinent, the easiest way to reach Nepal is via air route. It is better to book your flight in advance. You might get substantial discounts on the flight fare if you book your journey about a month before the scheduled departure. If you are already in India, you can come to Nepal by bus quite easily, since the border between the two countries remains open.

3.Pack your essentials

The real planning begins when it comes to packing your bag. It is one of the trickiest things to do while planning a trip to another country. Carrying more weight can make your journey tedious, while you should take all your basic essentials with you. Nepal is a hilly region and remains cold all throughout the year. So, you are recommended to pack accordingly. Winter clothes are a mandatory when you are planning a trip to Nepal. A large backpack should be enough for a travel addict. You should pack your necessary items according to the season and geographical demands of that place. Check out these things on the internet and pack cleverly. Many aspirants carry a couple of inspirational books, since it is the only way to engage yourself during leisure.

4.Practice, practice, and practice

Although silent retreats seem very pleasing, one needs a high level of concentration to make the program successful. A Silent retreat in Nepal is organized in the most authentic manner, in the ancient way. One must prepare himself or herself for keeping the mind in extreme concentration in order to make the program worthwhile. All those aspiring to attend a silent retreat are suggested to start practicing Meditation on a daily basis. The exercise makes you highly concentrated and clears the mind to take up all kinds of challenges in life.

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