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How Do You Rot a Tree Stump Naturally?

Once you have a tree removed, you will be left with an unsightly reminder, a stump. This tree stump is a tripping and eyesore hazard, which may attract unwanted guests, such as bacteria, termites, and fungi. If left to just rot or decay on its own, it may take a decade or more than that to disappear.

Natural decay is an excellent technique for tree stump removal. Keeping stump moist and incorporating a few ways can help it decay faster. Some of these ways may include:

  1. Putting Epsom Salt

Before you insert Epsom salt, you need to drill holes in the tree stump using the correct power drill. These holes might be a quarter of an inch wide.

After ensuring this, you may fill the holes with the highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. This may facilitate the process of tree stump rotting. Remember to also reapply the salt solution after a few days until the stump begins to rot.

  1. Using Anaerobic Compost Tea

It is simple to make anaerobic compost tea. All you will need is a bucket of water. If you also have city water, let it sit for one day to evaporate the chlorine. After this, take compost and put your dechlorinated water.

Before putting it onto a tree stump, let the solution sit for two days so as to brew up good bacteria and fungi killers. Be sure to also pour it around its roots in order to starve the whole structure to death.

  1. Growing Flowers or Vegetables

The roots of flowers and vegetables will grow down into the tree stump and steal all the nutrients from it. This may promote the decay of the stump and facilitate the rotting process.

Although growing vegetables and flowers will significantly take longer than Epsom salt, it is still a great way to make tree stumps ascetically pleasing and functional.

  1. Adding Dirt

Incorporating dirt with grass, mulch, and leaves can accelerate the rotting process because it supports the development of fungi.

In this step, you may also apply dirt to the tree stump and press it down using a bucket to make it stick.

  1. Considering Sugar Rush

Adding sweet substances, like corn syrup, sugar, or molasses, will help keep the decaying going, particularly when applying after the first year of tree removal. Oklahoma City tree stump removal service provider is the best option to choose. The carbohydrates in the wood will be the first to rot, and when they are done, decaying may slow down.

You may combat this situation by adding sugar and other sweet substances over the drilled holes or the stump, then cover it with mulch and dirt.

  1. Applying Rock Salt

Mostly used to melt down ice from walkways and roads, rock salt possesses a destructive property on stumps. Sodium chloride in the rock salt may cause soil to retain moisture to prevent the tree’s roots from absorbing it. This immense drying impact helps to rot tree stumps.

Similar to Epsom salt, you will also need to drill several holes to apply rock salt. In the process, you may cover the top of the stump with soil and mulch for around six weeks.

Closing Remarks!

As far as stump removal is concerned, it is important to hold on until it decays before trying to get rid of it.

Rotting a tree stump naturally will facilitate the removal process and avoid using expensive and big tools, like grinders, to complete the task.

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