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How does a Patio Cover Provide Protection from Various Elements?


Do you want to enhance your outdoor living experience? Whether you want to relax a Sunday afternoon with a good book or doze off by the pool, a patio cover can make your outdoor experience overall overwhelming. Moreover, a shaded patio helps to keep things cool to protect your space from various elements. So, you can hang out there as long as you want without worrying.

So, if you are planning to buy a patio cover for your outdoor structure, you have landed on the right page. Patio covers Los Angeles by Master Blinds specialized in a wide range of custom-made patio shades that suits every budget. However, you might wonder why should I invest in a patio shade from Master Blinds? Isn’t it? Well, a patio cover not only creates a shade but also acts as an added décor to your outdoor structure. You can discover ultra-modern and stylish patio cover ideas that will keep you shaded all summers and winters

What is a Patio Cover?

Patio Cover is a term that is often used with the name Pergola. So, the term is interchangeably applied with pergola. It acts as a durable attached structure to prevent rain or heat get through a patio or deck.  Moreover, a patio can be structured as an open or solid roof.

Where to Build a Patio Cover?

A patio cover has to be built in an open area right at the backyard of the house. It should be built where the area needs complete protection from sun or rain or extreme weather. Many people prefer to build patio covers right off their doors to give an extension to their living space. 

On the other hand, most people prefer to construct a patio cover in their backyard to enjoy a relaxing day by the pool or having an intimate conversation, or just read a book all day long. 

If you are still confused consult a landscape professional who will guide you with this. However, a patio cover is best suited in places like an outdoor fireplace, patio, deck, garden, dining area, and others.

How big should be the Patio Cover?

The size of the patio cover completely depends on the area you chose to give protection or shade from sun or rain.  Therefore, if you are planning to construct a patio cover nearby the dining area or patio furniture, ensure you keep ample space to move around the furniture. This will help people to walk or move around freely. 

Coming to the height of the patio cover, you may consider from 8 to 11 feet tall. If you plan to construct it taller, you will like to receive less protection from the sun or rain. On the other hand, if you plan to construct it lower, it might feel cramped. Therefore, it is always better to get consulted from a professional landscape to determine the ideal height required for the area. This will save both your time and effort to a great extent.

How to Decide Between Solid and Open Patio Cover?

It is a very interesting fact to understand before constructing a patio cover in your backyard. Solid and open patio cover has different roles to play in giving protection. Therefore, one needs to understand how both the covers work to make things easier to adapt. 

When it comes to a solid patio cover, it acts as a solid structure that completely blocks the sun, rain, or snow to get through. It is usually made of aluminum. You can try to use a solid patio cover roofed with shingles to enhance your house. This will help you stay cool in the shade and stay outside all day long. 

On the other hand, when it comes to an open patio cover, it gives partial protection. This means it will provide a partially shaded area where lattice or open roof will allow light to filter through. 

Types of Patio Styles 

Customize your backyard with a large section of patio styles including solid, insulated, and lattice. Get inspired and create these patio styles that are both practical and splendid. These unique displays are more than just a seating option to fit your space. 

Now, let’s look at the below-mentioned points to get a better idea of it:

•    Solid Patio Covers

Not loving the summer heat? It's a ‘must-have’ item to beat the scorching heat in your backyard. With a solid patio cover, you can enjoy relaxing in your backyard all year round. It will keep the sun and heat away by keeping you cool inside. So, a solid patio cover from Master Blinds gives full sun protection and comfort.

Benefits of Solid Patio Covers

•    Low maintenance

•    Eco-friendly

•    Rust-proof

•    Total shade protection

•    Decorative

•    Many colors to choose from

•    Insulated Patio Covers

You can upgrade your outdoor space with an insulated patio cover. Master Blinds offer an extra layer of insulation with patio installation. It is a unique option that is energy-sufficient for most homes and buildings. In every way, your patio is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Insulated patio covers help in more use of your outdoor space. Hence, it provides both fresh air and shade irrespective of the weather. 

Benefits of Insulated Patio Covers

•    Protection from various elements

•    Energy-sufficient

•    Aesthetically pleasing

•    Functional

•    Cooler temperature in summers

•    Provide comfortable living in the outdoor area

•    Protect your outdoor furniture

•    Lattice Patio Cover

Are you looking for Lattice Patio Cover in Los Angeles? You can enjoy being outdoor by using a lattice patio cover from Master Blinds. It helps to block out the light and warmth of the sun. You can easily use it in your backspaces that allow light to filter through. Isn’t it sounding interesting? Indeed, it is tightly spaced giving access to a small amount of light. Furthermore, the lattice patio cover is attractive, durable, and comfortable in structure. 

Benefits of Lattice Patio Cover

•    Rust-proof

•    Many colors to choose from

•    Filtered sunlight

•    Attractive & durable

•    Tightly spaced


If you own a patio in the house, make sure you get as much use out of it as possible by using a patio cover. It will provide you with some extra shelter that will make it use all season long. So, what are you waiting for pick some patio cover ideas and protect the area from various elements!

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