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How does car polishing help in deep car cleaning too?



One should polish the car to keep its shine alive. But polishing too often is not good. Even if someone maintains the car paint so well, it is quite common that the paint gets scratches and scrapes, which might be small or big. Car specialists say that, once a year, polishing a car is a healthy frequency. Car paint can be polished a maximum of six times in its entire lifespan. Polishing a car takes lots of patience and experience, that one shouldn't make a single mistake. If so, there are chances to damage the car surface ultimately. Picking up the suitable car polish based on car paint type and quality will help get the best results. For example, even after someone maintains a t-shirt so well, it gets stains on it after a few months, which is unavoidable. By polishing the car, all these can be avoided. But it is not the only ultimate tool to protect the paint. Polishing shouldn't be done more so that it might turn into a counter-effect on car finish. These come in various types, depending on the car polish price

How does the polishing work?


One should understand the importance of polishing a car and how it works on the surface without adding any substances. It is nothing but a process of rubbing and abrasive to even the surface, which gives the paint scratch-free and glossy result. Mainly polishing is done before the waxing step. Some people mistake the fact that polishing a lot gives extra shine to the car surface. Polishing and waxing are so powerful, so it is not a healthy process to do quite often, which results in car paint damage. Because the chemicals used in the polish liquid are so good, so it erodes the paint instead of protecting it. Waxing is a more protective thing to use rather than polish liquid if someone wants to polish frequently. The best car wax can protect the paint that lost its shine and will restore its auto paint that has lost its shine due to oxidation. It removes a fine layer from the paint surface, which minimises the scratches present on the paint surface and makes the surface shine. This car polish comes with a level of abrasiveness. Non-abrasive polishes do not contain any chemicals which affect the paint. There are quite a few polish brands in India, but one should select the best car polish in India  Washing the whole car properly before polishing the surface is essential. Waxing is the next step after polishing. A soft towel is used to rub the car surface. Polishing can bring a new look to the car's appearance. For that, washing in the right first step is a critical step, which shows in the results at the end.


Types of polishes


Compounds: These are used for the deep scratches, severe swirls because of their aggressive nature. It doesn't care about the paint of the car. Abrasives which are used in the compounds, cut the clear coat of the car paint. Compounds come in two different types; they are Super Micro Abrasive Technology or Diminishing Abrasive Technology. In simple words, SMAT stays micro, and DAT diminishes. SMAT is the new technology in the market, which is said to be that it works better by removing defects and giving a glossy finish to the car’s surface. And on the other hand, some DAT polishes work better than SMAT polishes in providing an excellent finishing. Compound polish is used in two steps. In the first step, the compound is used, and in the second step, finishing polish is used. The best car polish can do it in a single step.

Polishes: The car polish price varies from brand to brand. According to the abrasive grades, classes come from medium to light. If the size of abrasive particles is small, then polishes have a lower cut than compounds. Medium abrasive polishes help in removing mild scratches, swirls. And a finishing polish is used, which gives a radiant look. Wax or sealant helps protect the finished polish, which has fewer abrasive micros that cannot correct any paint defects. 


All in one: It is also known as AIO polishes. These are specialised car polishes that can be in a single step. AIOs come in various abrasive proportions, from non-abrasive to micro-abrasives. A standard AIO can clean the paint thoroughly with chemicals, polish it with micro-abrasives and leave finishing oils on the colour, which works as the wax or sealant. AIOs are used for two main reasons. The first reason is when a car needs to be detailed, giving a shining look at the end. The second reason is if a car has already corrected the paint and scratches but doesn't have a glossy look. In such cases, this AIO polish will help in giving a fresh layer of protection through cleansing. AIOs may last for a week or a couple of months. It varies from brand to brand.


These are the things to be considered while choosing the best car wax in India.

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