How Does CASHe Determine Your Personal Loan Eligibility


Suppose you are looking for a personal loan without any institutional hassles. In that case, CASHe is the perfect solution, as you can get instant personal loans without any collateral at attractive rates of interest. CASHe works on a unique algorithm that works better than the conventional credit rating system to determine your personal loan eligibility. Read on to know more.

Before we dive into how CASHe Loan determines your eligibility, here is a gist of the personal loan product on offer.

CASHe Personal Loans At A Glance

Purpose - All legitimate financial needs, including holiday loans, medical needs, purchasing smartphones, paying rental deposits, purchasing a 2/4 wheeler, etc 

  • Loan Amount - Rs 6,000 to Rs 4,00,000
  • Loan Tenure - 90 days to 540 days
  • Rate of Interest - 2.75% per month
  • Processing Fee - Rs 500 to up to 3% of the loan amount, whichever is higher, depending on the loan tenure
  • Apply Through - CASHe mobile app available on Google Play and App Store
  • Minimum Eligibility -Salary of Rs 12,000
  • Other Benefits - Facility to avail Group Insurance Policy, Income Protection Cover, and Health Cover

Personal Loan Eligibility


CASHe makes full use of modern technology to deliver an enhanced customer experience. It uses a proprietary AI-based algorithm known as Social Loan Quotient (SLQ) to determine the personal loan eligibility of the applicant. Once you satisfy the above minimum eligibility criteria, you can apply for a CASHe loan through the specific smartphone application CASHe. If you do not already have the app installed on your phone, you can download it from Google Play or App Store.

How does SLQ work?

SLQ is CASHe's proprietary AI, ML, and innovative analytics-based credit scoring mechanism. Unlike the traditional methods employed by financial institutions to measure the applicant's creditworthiness, SLQ leverages data from alternate sources that include smartphone metadata, social media presence, educational qualifications, monthly salary and commitments, working experience, and the basic KYC details.

SLQ is different because it measures the applicant’s propensity to repay the loan depending on the currently available information. In contrast, the traditional credit scoring systems base their scores/ratings on historical financial behavior. SLQ is helpful when determining the personal loan eligibility of applicants without any credit history in the Indian financial system.

Based on the data available, the SLQ score ranges between 0 and 995. The higher the score, the better is the borrower’s propensity to pay. Lower scores suggest chances of default.

The SLQ mechanism is significant because it enables the lender to take a multi-dimensional approach to decide a borrower's creditworthiness. The traditional credit rating mechanism has become one-dimensional because it only considers the borrower's credit behavior. It does not look into other factors like income, social standing, and other online behavior that reveal the applicant's character.

Compared to the conventional credit rating systems, SLQ is a better mechanism. CASHe leverages this information and adds it to the traditional underwriting scoresheet to discriminate between the good and the bad borrower.

How to know one’s SLQ?

Applicants can determine their SLQ by completing the personal details on the CASHe loan app and submitting the necessary KYC documents. The algorithm determines the Social Loan Quotient within a couple of seconds. Thus, it proves its worth as one of the quickest, extremely reliable, and most accurate credit rating mechanisms available today.

How does CASHe determine the personal loan eligibility using SLQ?

CASHe considers the financial parameters of the applicant and calculates the SLQ to make

an informed decision. The financial parameters include the applicant's income, occupation,

existing liabilities, and repayment history.

Suppose the credit reports show any delinquent behavior or frequent credit defaults. In that

case, the system automatically flags the customer with an adverse profile.

Hence, an applicant should satisfy the following requirements to be eligible for a CASHe


● Income and loan tenure criteria

● Good repayment history

● High SLQ score calculated by the CASHe platform

● KYC requirements

Advantages of SLQ over Conventional Credit Rating Systems

● The SLQ concept is beneficial for people who have no credit history. Thus, applicants who have not availed any loan or credit card in their lives become eligible for CASHe personal loans if they have a high SLQ score.

● At times, the conventional credit rating system can display incorrect details. It can take a long time for the applicant to contact the credit bureau and rectify matters. Until they do so, they will not be eligible for loans from other financial institutions. However, a high SLQ score at CASHe can make them eligible for personal loans, depending on their financial parameters.

Tips to CASHe loan applicants

Persons desirous of applying for CASHe personal loans should ensure the following before

applying for the CASHe loan.

● Check the primary eligibility criteria concerning income and repayment capacity.

● Download the CASHe smartphone app.

● Complete the personal details on the app.

● Submit the KYC documents online.

● Calculate your SLQ score in seconds.

● Proceed to apply for the CASHe loan online.

● Get the sanction immediately and the disbursal into your bank account.

A Word of Advice

One should maintain an impeccable repayment history to help them avail more personal loans from CASHe in the future. Making prompt repayment of loans improves their credit history and ratings. It is also advisable to secure personal loans with the appropriate insurance to prove helpful in unforeseen circumstances.

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