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How Does Dressing Smartly At Work Improve Your Performance?

One study from Stormline shows that 78% of people would still voluntarily choose to dress well even if their workplace didn't have a dress code – and that's down in large part to the effect on performance. Going to work shouldn’t be a fashion parade, of course – but as anyone who has ever worked in an office or similar environment will know, what you’re wearing can have a profound effect both on how you feel and on how you’re perceived by others. Whether it’s an increase in your productivity or even a change in the way you’re perceived by your colleagues, your dress choices can make a real difference.

Perceptions of others 

It may not be ideal, but it’s definitely true that others perceive you in different ways depending on what you wear. Scientific research published in the Journal of Research in Personality found that everything from income levels to age could be correctly predicted by looking at a person’s shoe choice. And with many other clothing items also available for colleagues to assess, it’s clear that how you choose to dress can make all the difference when it comes to appearing successful and advanced in your career. This is especially true for women, and a smart dress for women in the workplace  can – for better or worse – help make or break a career.

Confidence and performance

But it’s not all about validation from external sources. Confidence levels can also come from within – and for those who are looking to perform better at work, increasing these is important. For that reason, why not spend some time in clothes shops, or even with a body confidence coach, to learn about how different clothing styles make you feel? Perhaps you’ll find that you feel most confident when wearing a full suit, for example, or maybe you’ll learn that smart jumpers and pullovers help you to radiate the confidence you need. Either way: working on building up your own confidence is absolutely essential if you want to improve your chances of enhancing your career.

Working from home 

5.2% of people in the US work from home, and it’s no surprise given that there are many advantages. One of the most common tropes out there for home-based workers, however, is that they simply never get dressed! Many people imagine home workers lounging around in their pajamas all day, and never getting anything done.

For some home workers, this couldn’t be further from the truth. But for others, it is a real problem. Making the effort to get up and get dressed in the morning is by far one of the main steps that a home worker in this position can take to improve performance, as it puts them in the frame of mind of work and helps demarcate work and leisure time. After all: if you usually sleep or watch TV in your PJs, it’s probable that you’ll want to do the same things when you’re wearing them at your desk – and that’s a recipe for distraction.

Dressing well in a work context is a great idea from a performance point of view. From improving how others see you to ensuring you feel confident as well, there are many benefits. And if you work at home, it’s just as important. So why not get out to a clothes store today and invest in some items which suit your working needs.

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