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How Does Dynamic Advertisement Insertion Work In Downloadable Videos?

When watching videos online, most users have to face interruptions due to various reasons like low-quality, lags and buffering. This happens due to poor connectivity to the internet, which is why OTT viewers expect streaming services to have downloadable videos. That way, viewers get to watch videos offline as well. 

As a result, many streaming services such as Amazon, Netflix, Fox, and others provide the ability to download videos. 

If the connectivity issues occur from the side of a user, your content delivery quality won’t do much. Hence, adding the download feature makes sense, so your viewers can download videos to watch later. 

But, if your streaming business relies on advertisements, it is natural to feel hesitant about adding downloadable videos. This brings you to a situation when you have to choose between user experience and ad revenue. 

How downloadable videos can work in the favor of AVOD

Along with improved user experience, you can also use downloadable video feature to boost dynamic ad insertion. The technological advancements in dynamic ads have made it feasible to insert ads in offline streaming as well. The dynamic ads play without an internet connection and get monetized. Plus, you can choose between different formats such as pre-roll or mid-stream, as the chances of ad delivery failure are little to none. 

That way, you can boost your online ad revenue by integrating the offline ad formats.

Ensuring the timely availability of dynamic ads offline

Inserting ads to your offline videos won’t be a problem. But, the real task is making those ads timely and monetized. 

Your offline videos can’t showcase invalid ads, which aren’t available anymore for monetization. It is necessary to ensure that every offline video gets an updated ad attachment for your viewers to watch. It comes down to the software solutions utilized by your monetization management service provider. They utilize dynamic ads to accurately integrate with offline videos. A single configuration added into the server allows automatic updates to the ads inserted in downloadable videos. 

The timely ad delivery is ensured by conducting an automated checkup. Unique tools can be leveraged to update ads from time to time, before their monetization validity expires. 

Improved targeting capabilities with offline ad insertion

With the use of digital ad insertion in downloadable videos, you attain additional insights associated with ad targeting. Just like online video ads, you can use downloadable videos to understand your viewers and their interests. These insights help to improve targeting capabilities, which increases your overall ad revenue. 

There are millions of audiences wanting to watch videos offline, especially when they commute, go on vacations or live in poor internet connectivity areas. You can combine user experience and boost your ad revenues by incorporating the insertion of dynamic advertisements in downloadable videos. This will unlock a new segment of streaming that will impress your users as well as your business stakeholders. 

But, all the benefits come down to the presence of advanced monetization solutions, tools, and experts. So, find a trusted monetizing partner for your streaming service. 


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