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How Does Multi-channel Marketing Support Your Email Strategy?

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Multi channel marketing for retail is an approach that is primarily designed to target customers. It calls for consistent optimization and vigilance on the side of marketers. Unlike other marketing strategies, it has a single focal point for a wide range of marketing undertakings.

It lets marketers develop campaigns across many channels and follow clients while they hop from channel to channel. Therefore, multi-channel marketing has breathed a new life into traditional marketing via email.

Today, this channel has binding importance for an array of offline and online activities. It is seen as a tool for connecting various channels into a single branded, consistent amalgam. In this age of increased multi-device customer behaviour, email outreach supported by multi-channel marketing software is the best way to cut through the obstacles and position yourself and your company higher on the digital platform.

Aggressive New Marketing Wilderness

There is no need for an extensive or lengthy introduction for the multi channel marketing for retail approach. From those who have used it, it has an impressive track record. This speaks a lot of positives about a wide range of benefits of adoption.

Other than that, it has greatly empowered modern brands to use various channels while maintaining consistency of voice and tone. You might be tempted to think that this is some common wisdom, but that is not the case. There are many studies to back these claims, such as eConsultancy, Aberdeen Group, Forester Research, and many other organizations provide solid proof.

eHarmony Marketing Campaign in 2016, for instance, is a perfect example to shed light on what we are talking about. This campaign focused on real-life success stories about two of its customers. Just with location-oriented push notifications, the brand accumulated at least 20,000 paid subscribers and hit 72% higher engagement rates compared to regular campaigns.

During this time, push notifications were the latest addition to the marketing mix, but they brought about a huge difference.

What The Numbers Say

At first, it might not be clear how email fits in here. Many myths are flowing around that should be debunked. Most marketers think that email has been incapacitated by social media. Others also believe that the proliferation of consistent messaging apps might make this while channel borderline obsolete. But all these notions are massively inaccurate. While email might not be the biggest marketing channel today, we should always try to work with facts and figures.

Numbers and facts are clear proof that even after many years, email marketing has simply refused to die. Instead, it keeps getting better as new tools are added to the mix. Marketers and clients still use email regularly, and it might even grow bigger in the next few years. Statistically, email marketing spending keeps growing steadily globally.

A bigger number of marketers still employ email as the main platform for generating leads, increasing sales, and visits to their sites. They do this through special discounts and deals.

Email Pays Dividends

It is the 120 per cent ROI offered by email that makes it highly popular across the globe. To be precise, this is at least 4 times higher than what would be provided by any other marketing platforms, including TV spots, SEO, push notifications, public relations, and social media. You should know that just like any other marketing tool and platform, email has been thoroughly shaped by the following trends:

• Typography
• Gamification
• Personalization
• Dynamic data
• Segmentation Interactivity

These are some of the core developments that have paved the way for email to get a pivotal position in the modern multichannel marketing world.

Channelling the Traffic

Whether you are trying to craft a strategy from scratch up or hire an expert to do it on your behalf, ensure that you have carefully researched all the digital agency options available out there.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns will yield better results compared to those done through individual channels. It is inspired by the need for companies to impress and unify consumer interactions and assume full control over a given brand communication. The sooner you realize these essentials, the better it will be for your organization.

Another aggressive push toward the multi-channel technique originates from the users' preferences. Nowadays, consumers use an average of three to five social platforms. This means that buyers have gained more control over what is best for them. As a marketer, this increases the complexity of the work you have at hand. The main challenge is that every time consumers make a move through platforms, there is a good chance, you will lose a sale or sales to a competitor.

There is only one sure way to have them back, which is to craft a very strong connection between email and your website. Email campaigns are super-effective in driving traffic to sites and crafting bridges through calls-to-action, alerts, behavioural emails, and newsletters.

Mobile Fine-Tuning

It is crucial to comprehend that mobile devices have become the main sources of email traffic. They have successfully dethroned desktops and computers. This is largely because a good percentage of the population now owns a smartphone. Today, most emails are accessed through mobile devices. This should have a deeper implication for email marketers. One important point, in this case, is to avoid sending emails that are poorly optimized for mobile devices. Most of them usually get deleted as soon as they arrive.

Some users also unsubscribe from emails that are poorly optimized for smartphones and tablets. Therefore, mobile marketers must embrace mobile responsiveness to attract more subscribers. This will help them reduce spam and unsubscribe and spam rates.

Final Thought

Many marketers have always thought that email does not have enough life left, but it keeps getting more useful. In terms of effectiveness, other channels cannot come close to email especially with a good newsletter design. You should not let this form of marketing fall behind as many recent developments can help you achieve massive success, and more is yet to come. To understand how to use multi-channel marketing technique, it is better to find out how clients interact with your brand.

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