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How Does Pulse Oximeter Work?

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The organs and systems of the human body need the presence of oxygen in order to function properly. This is because, when there is no presence of oxygen, the cells in the body will malfunction and will eventually die down. Therefore, cell death should not be taken lightly as it causes severe conditions that will lead to organ failure. The body receives oxygen through the air we breathe, and it helps in transporting the oxygen into the organs by filtering it through the lungs. The oxygen is widely distributed into the entire body with the help of hemoglobin proteins, which are present in the red blood cells.

Therefore, the pulse ox tester or pulse oximeter serves its purpose in measuring the amount of oxygen present in the hemoglobin proteins. This is called oxygen saturation and generally shows the process of oxygen reaching other parts of the body.

How does the oximeter work?

The pulse oximeter is like clip-on devices that are used for measuring the oxygen saturation in the human body. Normally, the normal oxygen saturation in a human body should be 95% to 100%, respectively. If the oxygen saturation is standing below 90%, then it is considered being abnormally low and requires immediate medical attention. However, the pulse ox tester serves its purpose by shining light onto the transparent area of the skin.

In order to complete the process, a detector is positioned on the other side of the skin through which the light shines. When the blood absorbs a good amount of light, it helps in showing the blood saturation. Therefore, blood saturation is measured with the help of complex equations and estimated data, not directly. This will help in providing the exact level of oxygen present in the body of an individual.

The benefits

The pulse oximeter tester is considered very useful for people, who have conditions related to oxygen saturation. For example, a professional sleep specialist will recommend you to use an oximeter to monitor the oxygen saturation on an individual. This process is for people who are suffering through a condition called sleep apnea, which is caused by the low oxygen levels in the body. The device can also provide you with a good amount of feedback, on the effectiveness of the breathing intervention such as oxygen therapy.

There are many doctors, who take the help of a pulse oximeter tester, in order assess the physical activity in individuals who suffer from respiratory problems. However, at certain occasions the doctors recommend their patients to wear the oximeter during exercise, and also uses it as a part of a stress test. The oximeter is also highly beneficial for infants are in the neonatal intensive care unit. The device will help in alerting the nurses and doctors, if there is a drop of oxygen saturation.

What to expect?

The pulse oximeter devices are known to be risk-free and are non-invasive in nature. There are many individuals who might experience sensitivity and skin redness, which is considered being normal. If the device is worn for a longer period, it might stop the oxygen on the surrounding vessels. If you experience numbness, it is better to contact a doctor, so that you receive immediate medical attention for it.

Take the help of the oximeter now!

The oximeter is a vital healthcare and medical device used for measuring the level of oxygen in the body. Get yourself this device and take a proactive approach to fighting illnesses within your body.


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