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How Does Refresh Rate Affect Your Experience on a Gaming Monitor?

Gaming is just another activity for passing free time like partying, clubbing, sporting, surfing etc. However, some people do it for fun and others do it as their passion. Hard core gamers put in a lot of time and efforts to enhance their gaming experience. Gaming is not just limited to gaming zones or arenas. People can have a fantastic gaming experience at their homes as well. A TV or a computer is a must have if you are a gamer.

However, for hardcore gamers a TV or a PC is not just any other ordinary technology of everyday life. It is like the center of their world since the better it will be, the better their gaming experience will be. They put in a lot of effort in researching before buying a new monitor which has to be used solely for gaming purposes.

The most important factors that are considered before buying a gaming monitor are as follow

  • Resolution
  • Refresh Rate
  • Adaptive Sync
  • The Panel Technology
  • Response Time
  • Screen Size
  • Connectors

These are the basic things which people look for in a gaming monitor. Resolution helps the gamer to have a better image quality and visual detail while playing the game. Adaptive sync helps to get rid of screen tearing. The panel technology helps in improving the color quality and angular display of the game. Response time improves the visual quality of any moving object. Refresh rate is the number of times the displayed image gets refreshed per second. Screen size also improves the gaming experience by displaying the graphics and images openly and not congested. All these features are extremely important for having a good gaming experience and hardcore gamers usually always know the details of these features in depth.

Effect of refresh rate

Screens which have low refresh rate for instance below 60Hz have flickering image display which can cause eye strain as well. In simpler words, a monitor with 120Hz refresh rate will refresh the image 120 times per second which will improve the image quality and visual content for the gamer. 120Hz is a good refresh rate for an average gamer but for a hardcore gamer, 144Hz will be the best. Any number higher than that is not necessary.

For average gamers who just play candy crush or subway surfers, 120Hz is a good enough refresh rate. However, a hardcore gamer must choose a monitor with refresh rate between 120Hz to 144Hz. In the past, gamers were not aware of the benefits of a good refresh rate and even a 60Hz was good enough for them. However, with time people started get awareness and once a gamer uses 120Hz monitor or a higher than that, he cannot go back to playing at 60Hz. It will feel like playing on an ancient screen and the game quality will look shit to him. It is like, there is no way back from 120Hz. However, there is always a way forward.

Refresh rate in no way affects the gaming skills of a person. You cannot become a pro at a certain game just because of playing it at a high refresh rate. However, your gaming experience will surely be affected with a better refresh rate as the graphics and visual display enhance at a monitor with a better refresh rate. When talking about a hardcore gamer, gaming experience is always one of the most important things for him hence the refresh rate becomes important as well.

A faster refresh rate has the following benefits and affects on the game.

  • The motion resolution of the game is improved.
  • Tearing and ghosting during the game is reduced.
  • The graphics are more responsive.

Improved motion resolution is the improved quality of a moving image on the screen. In simpler words, it defines the sharpness or graphics of the moving image. Screens with higher refresh rates reduce the blurring which is displayed in a moving image. However, not everyone is observant enough to notice the difference between the images on a screen with higher refresh rate than with that on a lower refresh rate. On the other hand, some people would even notice the difference between a 144Hz and a 240Hz images.

When the video card splits up frames faster than the refresh rate screen tearing occurs. Screen tearing in the end displays parted frames which are quite distracting while playing a game. Screen tearing can only be reduced with a higher refresh rate. Better responsiveness reduces lagging which ends up providing a better and enhanced visual display for the gamer.

How to choose the best monitor

If you are a hardcore gamer and want to have an amazing gaming experience then you must keep the above mentioned specifications in mind. Before buying a new monitor for gaming, you must decide what you exactly need and then invest enough on it to have the best gaming experience. In order to choose the best monitor, you should look up the internet. There are a number of different monitors which have amazing resolution, refresh rate, responsiveness etc and basically are a complete package for gamers.

Any hardcore gamer knows that a good monitor is also expensive and does not hesitate to invest a bigger amount on it. People who have PS4 or Xbox always prefer to have the best screen as well for gaming. They understand the value of having a good monitor for gaming purposes hence; they are always in the search of a better monitor. There area number of websites with a complete guide to the best monitors for gaming. You can easily find the specifications of the top 10 best monitors for gaming along with their prices and pictures on the internet.

Whether gaming is a time-pass or it is a passion, it must be continued in a full swing and gamers must always have the best gaming experience in order to have a quality time.

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