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How Does Remapping Affect Your Car Insurance?

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If you want your car to produce maximum power and give fuel efficiency, you must consider getting a remap done. Remap is a process of altering the ECU(Engine Control Unit), which is responsible for controlling and managing the engine. Different sensors assembled into the engine inform the computer system (ECU) about the parameters of the engine operation. Remapping increases the ability of engine power to an optimum limit. Though the popularity of ECU remaps is rapidly progressing, there are some other matters car owners have to look into it. And car insurance is one of them.

The Definition Of Modification In Terms Of Car Insurance Is: 


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Any amendment to the car that was not in the manufacturer’s specifications is a modified car. The alterations can be as simple as paints, tires and as complex as a change in the engine, change in the car interior, and remapping. So, all kinds of alterations make a count for car insurance.

Remapping is one of the sensitive and technical modifications to the car. If the alteration is carried out by a non-professional, it can jeopardize the engine in the long term. For example, if you carry out a Mini Cooper S R56 Remap from an unauthentic company, it may increase its performance for some time but will negatively affect its overperformance in the long run. It will, therefore, make your car susceptible to damage and possibly an accident. The most possible impact of car remapping on car insurance is that it will increase the premium of insurance. But sometimes, insurance companies do not cover modified vehicles. In that case, the car owners have to get the specialist policy.

Car Insurance Stance On Remapping:

Before going into how remapping impacts car insurance, we must understand the role of car insurance. Car insurance ensures to pay for the car repairs, rental fees, and medical expenses (in case of an accident). And this rule with car insurance is universal.

Adding modifications to the cars makes them more vulnerable to damage. You are more likely to land into trouble with a modified car. For example, if you have changed to a turbo engine, it will increase the speed of the car, but it will also increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, car insurances make it clear that car owners must declare that they have done the modifications. Any modifications to the car affect the premium of the insurance.

Legal Verdict About Modifications: 

According to UK law, it is illegal to conceal any kind of modifications from your car insurance. It is crucial to inform the car insurance before booking for any car modifications. You must ask for permission from them. Because some companies terminate insurance, and some companies make additional compulsions to the policy. Knowing the policy before taking any step enables you to know whether you should do the modification or not. But if you do it without any consultation, you should be ready for possible outcomes. But if you are midway or have carried out the modification without asking permission, you should inform them right away. If you have bought a used car you may not know the car modifications carried out by the previous owner. But, you should declare them in front of the car insurance the moment you realize them.

In a nutshell, it is highly significant to inform the insurance company about any car modifications to affirm with legal rules and insurance policy.

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