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How Does Spotify Promotion Help Artists Reach their Career Goals

Spotify is currently the best music-streaming platform especially for new artists looking for engagement. Promoting music on the platform allows artists to reach out to the global audience who are already invested, consumers. Spotify promotion stands as one of the best and most effective ways to kickstart a career in music.

The concept of music promotion is integral to an artist’s career growth. With Spotify as one of the best platforms for audience and artist engagement, it provides the ideal digital circumstances of successful music marketing. Spotify music promotion is the best music marketing approach in which artists potentially reach their career goals moving further towards a successful career.

Why is Spotify the most popular audio-streaming platform at the moment?

There are numerous music-streaming apps that have entered a highly competitive market. Although Spotify is on the scene for quite some time, it has gained a spiked acceleration among artists looking to establish a career through promotional opportunities. The platform has improved itself significantly over the years allowing both the artist and the audience to find each other. They have revolutionized music consumption in the contemporary era and the result is an outstanding scope where artists can promote their own music. Spotify playlists and how they are equalized across similar artists, genres, and audiences have also helped in categorize promotion based on requirements. Spotify is also available on the app version that makes it all the more accessible. It also provides a sound quality of 128kbit/s. Spotify’s extensive library also enables a bigger scope of audience engagement making it the perfect platform for upcoming artists. As of today, Spotify continues to hold the number one position in garnering the maximum share of digital music distribution. The popularity of the platform is reason enough for artists to try out promotional strategies on the same leading to engagement and immense success. The platform also opens up opportunities for earning by the artists. Although the per/play rate is low, Spotify gives monetization scopes because of its expansive audience stream who is constantly looking out for new songs.

Important Things to Remember before Uploading Songs on Spotify

When an artist decides to upload music on Spotify, there are a few fundamental things that need to be remembered. Although the process of uploading is very simple, these points highlight the different approaches or ideas that effectively pave the way for a successful future Spotify promotion. Artists who upload on Spotify look for engagement and thus, want to reach new people and potential collaborators. Building a network on the platform is what pushes an artist further towards their dreams. Here are the top 4 tips that every upcoming artist must abide by to gain maximum traction against their music.

  1. Create an Artist Page- A Spotify account is different from an artist account. A private account on Spotify differs from a public one. Creating an artist page is essential allows the musician to promote his music under a brand name. It can be the artist’s birth name, stage name, band or project name, or anything else. A profile picture is also crucial along with a bio containing a description of the different projects that the artist has undertaken. Integrating the profile with the artist’s website or social media handles increases the opportunities for optimization as well as social media marketing.
  2. Provide Information- Every artist must include all relevant information about themselves in their profile. Things alike artist’s bio, images, social media links, quality cover art of their songs, and albums and any other information related to their music must be provided for a complete artist’s profile. This sends out the message of professionalism and authenticity before the audience.
  3. Connecting to Other Services- Connecting with other digital services with the artist’s Spotify profile is a crucial step. Spotify is partnered with different services such as Ticketmaster, Songkick, etc. These services are part of the collective music industry and can be used for various purposes such as booking gigs, selling merchandise, and more.
  4. Setting a Goal- Spotify pays up to $0.0084 for every stream. So, to earn $8, a song must garner 1000 streams. This money is again split among the different people associated with the production. So, expecting huge revenues from Spotify is not the goal here. The goal is to reach out to as many audiences as possible to that engagement increasing leading to more people checking out the music.

How to organically promote music on Spotify?

The following are some of the tips that help musicians to garner organic Spotify promotion and engagement.

  • A complete profile including profile picture and bio
  • A public artist profile
  • Consistently publishing music
  • Regularly releasing new music
  • Releasing singles rather than the full album or EP
  • Pitching music to relevant Spotify playlists
  • Submitting music to playlists
  • Sending music to playlist curators
  • Identifying musical style to help Spotify find target audiences
  • Using artist’s pick to promote particular songs
  • Sharing music and featured playlists across social media
  • Building one’s own playlist encouraging  and supporting other artists
  • Collaboration is the key
  • Driving traffic to Spotify music through artist websites and social media handles
  • An email list
  • Selling merchandise
  • Listing concerts and gigs on Spotify
  • Availing of the services of music promotion companies
  • Music blog promotion
  • Spotify and Facebook Ads promotion
  • Releasing better quality productions

How does hiring a Spotify music Promotion company help artists?

The tremendous competition within the music industry enables artists to avail of the services of Spotify promotion companies.

  1. Pitching Music to Playlists- These companies help artists to pitch their music across the right playlist or curators thus increasing audience engagement. It is because these playlists already have an invested audience stream listening to similar music as the artist availing the promotion. Right music placement on Spotify playlists can take an artist and their music to its highest potential. Various marketing and promotional strategies collectively pave the way for improvement in engagement thus opening bigger doors of opportunities.
  2. Media Coverage- Apart from that, promotional companies also offer additional features such as blog placements in music magazines, PR distribution, news, reviews, and more. Most companies hold media affiliation with various channels or outlets further expanding their scope of achieving bigger exposure and opportunities.
  3. Social Media Marketing- Social media marketing is another aspect for which artists must consider working with a professional company even more. They make sure that all the goals set by the artist are reached enabling popularity, success, and growth in their career.
  4. Validation- One of the main reasons for availing of a music promotion service is to integrate a sense of validation and authenticity in building a brand name for the artist’s works.


In the end, Spotify continues to rule music streaming and hence, is the perfect platform for successful promotional goals. The right service or company is instrumental in pushing an artist’s dreams towards reality organically.

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