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How Does The Indian Premier League Work?


The Indian Premier League, or IPL, is a Twenty-20 cricket league in India. It takes place in March, April, and/or May of every year. The contests are between eight different teams, each representing a different Indian city.

Indian Premier League: League Format

In the league stage, every team goes up against each other team twice (once at home, once away) in a round-robin format, as opposed to an elimination format. Then in the knockout phase, the four teams with the most wins from those games move to playoffs. The two teams with the most wins from the league stage play against each other and the winner proceeds to the IPL Finals. The loser plays against the winner of a match between the lower two teams. The two losing teams are eliminated, while the Finals are held between the two winners. A solid way to bet on the IPL is to look at each team’s previous wins, as well as the individual strengths of each player. Currently, the Mumbai Indians are in the lead among betting sites, with 17.80% of total bets (the Sunrisers Hyderabad are in second with 16.18%).

Indian Premier League: Knockout Stage Betting

For gamblers, the Indian Premier League can be the most profitable two months of the year. The knockout phase of the IPL generates a lot of that. Online IPL betting can be done on various sites, with some showing statistics of how much is being bet at what time. You can follow the knockout phase and bet on each game with who you think will win. This can be quite lucrative with the right bets, as the knockouts generate more watchers, and as such, more betters. In addition, psychologically, people get more invested when a loss for their team means that they no longer get to play, and bet from loyalty, rather than with their brain. The advice for betting on the right team is the same as before: look at the individual strengths of each player on the team. How aggressive are they? How many wins have they helped to contribute to in their career? Are they prone to injuries? Did the team have a key player who suffered an injury earlier in the season? Does the team have one or two key players that, if injured, will ruin the odds of the team winning? It can also help to look at the coaches of each team, and compare their history as well.

Indian Premier League: Outright Winner

There are always a few names which tend to arise when we discuss the potential winner of the IPL, and these early murmurs can offer a good indication to fans as to who to keep a close eye on.

Mumbai Indians
At present, the Mumbai Indians are firm favourites to take home the coveted trophy, with odds of 4/1 on them to take the title. Their success in last years tournament is sure to be something they are keen to repeat, and the experience of seeing the competition through to those scary final stages is sure to have benefits; they are used to the pressure of a major final, and have a great measure of their rivals. There is a risk of complacency which could be their undoing; opposing teams are sure to be hungry for the win, and a moments slip in attention could see the Indians lose the prize.

Chennai Super Kings
The greatest battle for the title is likely to be waged between the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings; and the latter are bound to be fighting for the top spot after a defeat in last year's competition. Bookies have them on odds of 9/2 to win, and their reputation is a major part in this. The Knights have a strong reputation within the IPL, having lifted the trophy on multiple occasions, and it is possible that a year away will have been just what they needed to regroup and emerge stronger than ever, keen to prevent the Indians from making it two victories in a row, and reclaiming their crown.

Kolkata Knight Riders
Perhaps an unexpected contender for the top spot, the Knight Riders have odds of 7/1 to win, and this is largely due to their brand new secret weapon: Pay Cummins. Cummins made history by becoming the most expensive international player in the 2020 IPL auction, being purchased by the Knight Riders for a cool 15.5 crores. He is sure to be keen to prove that he is worth the eye-watering price tag, and is certain to be on top form, helping his team to storm to a stunning victory. His presence may also be the confidence boost the team needs, and this could see them eclipse theri old enemies to emerge as surprise winners in the 2020 competition.

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