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How Enterprises Will Cope With Information Security In 2020

Despite the hiccups that came with 2020, cybercriminals are not on a break. They remain threats and incessant pests to digital platforms, still. Security Centers and analysts have been on their toes, and many have come up with smart plans to stay ahead of their information security game. One of such protocols is the DevSecOps approach that puts everyone in charge of security. Here are the top trends to stay above security in 2020. 

The DevSecOps Approach:

This approach puts everyone in a position where they are responsible for the entire security of an organization's network. Hackers seek opportunities to look for vulnerable points in an organization's network. If one of the staff slacks in maintaining personal and standard security protocols, this slack allows evil people to penetrate the network. However, by injecting security practices in an organization's DevOps pipeline or all software development stages, it is easier for security operations centers to cope with handling multiple penetrations and hack.

Security process automation:

Automation, through artificial intelligence, simplifies the process of keeping up with security trends. AI, including (machine learning), augments human decision-making and implementation processes across different security cases in a digital network. To stay on top of security protocols, an establishment will need to develop their business systems to be adaptive to AI practices and invest in AI products that have enhanced and updated defense mechanisms. Automation does not just detect faults in a business's digital networks; it can anticipate attacks and notify possible weaknesses in a system without complex diagnostic routines.

Keeping up with cloud based system:

Following the trends of cloud-based technologies, there is also the need to use appropriate security solutions. Cybercriminals are putting so much interest in hacking cloud technologies for various nefarious reasons. This wicked interest has also led to the devising of tools for the hacking purpose. Enterprises have to join IT pros by investing in security tools for open-source platforms to protect cloud platforms from dangerous cyber hacks. The right tool will offer general awareness in case of suspicious activities and recommend rightful actions.

Extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities:

Considering the multiple influxes of alerts, whether false or true, only automation can keep up with the trends. And as an integral part of the DevSec Op, detection and response capabilities must be enhanced to be swift and effective. In the extended security practice, similar threats in multiple points such as on email or in the network can be alerted as an incident (of the same origin). Hence, XDR solutions increase accuracy and security via quick detection of faults and productivity.


Stay ahead of cybercriminals. Be proactive with security by getting the right DevSecOps tools best for your business. It is cheaper to protect than to salvage damages.

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