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How Facebook decides what to show on your newsfeed?

Well, this question bothers many of us even if you are new to the social media universe who has nothing to do with content marketing or experienced content marketers and even brands and their social media managers that How does this Facebook algorithm work? How do you get your posts to show up on top of the Newsfeed?

These are complex questions but, it is not necessary that a complex question should have a complex answer, right?

So, let us get to the reasons why your posts are not ranking well or How to make your posts and content stand out in this crowd of 2.7 billion face bookers? 


The Algorithm


Even if you are a tad bit related to the content marketing field you must already know about what an algorithm is but for those who doesn’t, it is not a special formula that you put into your posts and it starts ranking well on the engagement level. It is a layered and a bit complex machine learning rule which is not available for the general public to see. The best guess is that it comprises of certain factors through which a Facebook post is rated and shown to the public.

·  Likes

It is not rocket science to assume that a post with a better number of likes will rank well in this race of “Who will rank first on the newsfeed?” Generally, the organic reach is very limited for branded content on especially the Facebook platform which makes it a lot harder and makes the content strategy for brands in a way pay to win. So, even after your post is full of value still, you will have a hard time ranking well. So, what is the solution? You can check out Buzzvoice and buy Facebook likes for your posts but, remember Buzzvoice fits well with valuable content and you can get your Facebook buzzing within a day and all the likes come with a retention guarantee.


The next parameter after likes come down to how many shares do you have, be it organic or inorganic. Sometimes, the share matters more than the number of likes and it signals Facebook that the content available on the post is valuable or viral-worthy which can sometimes work wonders for your brand and can be the single most factor to make your brand page go viral and reach a humongous milestone. It has been noted that a single viral post can make a brands fortune following an amazing engagement from users. And psychologically A share attracts another, by which I mean if you already have some shares on your post then it is more likely that it will be shared even further. For the initial shares, you can again check out buzz voice as they offer some attractive packages which might help your brand go viral.


Subscribers or Page fans


Subscriber count or the Page follows signals long term retention to the Facebook algorithm which in turn increases your chance of being recognized and you will be shown more to the people, if you already do well on the above-mentioned parameters then you will most likely be taken care off and your brand page will grow in no time with increasing brand deals if you are an influencer or providing any kind of service. Whatever the niche you are in, these factors fit well for all the niches. 


After trying the services I would like to mention before I forget that Buzzvoice works better if your content is already somewhat valuable and provides little but some kind of value and is in any specific niche with a specific audience in mind. 


Other factors which you can also keep in mind is the Reactions feature and Why am I seeing this post feature from Facebook while designing your posts which can further increase your engagement and might help you rank well apart from these fundamental features.

Digital marketing specialist at ABCR News.
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