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How Facility Management Improves Functionality in an Organization: A Detail Study


Facility management conglomerates a plethora of disciplines along with services ensuring optimal functionality for creating a smooth commercial establishment. Within the cliché of facility management, operation & maintenance are supposed to be the critical functionality.

Types Of facility Management-

Facility management, in general, is categorized into a couple of areas, Hard Facility Management (HFM) & Soft Facility Management (SFM). In the former's case, the dealings are with physical assets like plumbing, heating, cooling, office management, etc. SFM focuses on tasks performed by individuals for custodial service, catering, lease accounting. Here we will talk about the approaches of facility management in making a workplace spotless & error free.

The facility Team is responsible for the proper functioning of an organization-

Simultaneously, emergency management, business continuity, hospitality & quality ergonomics at the workplace falls under facility management's aegis. In a nutshell, a facility team is solely and primarily responsible for the seamless & proper functioning of an establishment. Adequate facility management is very fundamental for the seamless operation of daily tasks.

Managing the overall facilities in a particular business allows the company's core strength to concentrate on their respective area of expertise. Employees can devote their time for the welfare and better productivity rather than focus on matters relating to safeguarding & smooth functioning of the entire commercial thread. Outsourcing your requirements will drive numerous advantages.

Let us discuss a few of them, and lately, in the article, we will have a word on the sectors that have benefitted immensely from this innovative service.

1.      Ensuring That The Tenants & Premises Are Safe - 

·  In the real estate space, there are numerous codes of conduct that are to be followed.

·  Facility managers are proactive and are ready to put the best foot forward in making the regulations work.

· The managers are responsible for creating a clutter-free ambiance, and all major equipment is functioning safely and meticulously.

· Remember, a proper and organized facility management program is responsible for the upkeep of positive vibes within an organization.

· A well-maintained workplace will motivate the employees to go the extra mile for their respective companies.

2.      Decreases Cost & Running Space-

We have already discussed in brief this area in the sections mentioned above. Frankly speaking, all the facility service of a company gets driven under a solitary management head. When you hire professional facility management, you get the opportunity of decreasing the burden on your shoulder.

Let us explain the concept so that things become transparent for you.

A.      Hassle Of Having Your Team-

If you have your team, you need to hire a professional who will look after the group and assign the Task. At the same time, you have to provide them all the critical facilities enjoyed by your company's employees. In a way you end up spending more, & get minimal facilities whereas with a third party facility you can witness more advantages. 

B.      Benefits Of Hiring a Third Party facility team

A third-party facility team working in your establishment allows you to decrease the said charges. The individuals working at your establishment will be under their hierarchical head and bear testimony with your company. In a way, you are saving time and saving space in the office premises. An in-house team would have consumed a bit of room for their settlement, but a third-party team would leave for the day after completing the Task.

3.      The Task would be carried out meticulously-

The third-party facility management team maintains an optimistic architecture, and thereby, the tasks articulated by them are catered excellently. They are handy with the latest tools and technology that allow executing the overall Task quickly. They being professionals, will ensure that every nook & cranny in an office is looked after well and the client never gets an opportunity to complain.

There is a plentitude of sectors benefiting from this facility management. We will try and put up a few that has allowed these sectors to gain a lot. Have a look at those and understand how the system has helped numerous establishments in India.

a)      Manufacturing- In case of managing factories and manufacturing plants, and other industrial facilities can be a bit of a challenge. These facilities have heavy equipment and machinery designed for assembling & production.

With the help of contemporary computer-aided facility management, every machine will be put under a facility manager's surveillance. They will have better visibility of the devices either at the establishment or from a distant location in a remote manner.

The managers come up with a practical & viable plan for repair & maintenance also. To increase your productivity, hires a facility team to put up better surveillance & ensure your team is focused on their respective Task.

 b)      Banking & Financial Services- Apart from ensuring smooth functioning at a banking & financial institution facility, teams look at the overall maintenance and management. For proper functioning, BPM tools like CMMS & IWMS are roped in by facility teams.

 The facility management team gets the distinct edge in managing different types of operations. Several banking sectors across the country has expressed facility management has brought about a lot of optimistic advancement and ensured optimal smoothness.

 c)      Government & Public Administration- A key challenge at government organizations is maintaining facilities and keeping them functional. The facility management team will help the employees to discover proven solutions and opportunities to improve and improvise con the current business. They will work in tandem to ensure that the organization's entire operation is working in a structured and meticulous manner.

India & Facility Management-

In the past, India's trend was fragile & fragmented as most of the companies relied heavily on the in-house operation. With time, numerous sectors across the country are gearing up to understand the process and adopt facility management services.

Companies have expressed to increase productivity & at the same time they have decreased a lot of expenses. The results are so far optimistic, and the trends are supposed to rise in the days to come. Get ready to adopt these innovative facilities and ensure better functioning of your commercial facilities. 

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