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How Floor Lamps in Modern Design Is Taking Centre Stage

Many people think about tables or even hanging lamps, but the one thing that they fail to consider is the floor lamps. Although these are a little bit longer than the ones that we initially found in the market, the look is very different and at the same time premium as well. If you are looking for floor lamps in modern design which look great and yet are subtle at the same time, we have got some options.

All you need to do is understand the preference for your room decor and then use the one which is best for you. Some of the best choices in this domain are:

Arum Floor Lamp- Cashmere

Built after a unique design, the Arum Floor Lamp, Cashmere, is a good option for those who look for elegance. The lamp is asymmetrical in design, and the slender neck adds to its charm. The structure of the lamp is somewhat curved, and hence it creates a great design.

Eclipse Lampshade - Long- Sand

This one is an excellent option for those looking for exquisite prices to showcase in their houses. It is available in many sizes and shapes and depending on your choice you can take up the one which is best suited for you. 

Eclipse Large Lampshade- Natural

The option of natural lampshade also belongs to the exquisite "Eclipse" and looks classy with the get-up. It is available in many solid colour options and sizes to be perfect for most rooms without too much space. Although there are many options, this one is a much more natural choice that you can take up, and the simplicity shines more than anything else. 

If you are seriously looking for floor lamps in modern design, we can suggest an option with numerous designs at an affordable price range. The one to choose in this respect is none other than fermLIVING!

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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