How Focusing on Website User Experience Will Boost Your Business

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A recent study into user experience on business websites has revealed some fascinating data about how users behave on websites and what forces them to turn off and go elsewhere. Additionally we have seen a real spotlight placed on the industries which deliver the best user experience, and those who do not. For example the online gaming industry prove time and time again just how well they deliver Ux for their clients. You only have to look at a site such as Novibet to see an example for this, click here to register and check out how they deliver high quality experiences for their users.

Conversely of course, there are many industries which get this very wrong, yet seemingly don’t recognize the dangers of doing this. If you are not focused on the Ux which you are offering, here is the risk which you are running.

Loss of Sales

Whether customers can buy directly from your website or not, offering them a poor user experience is going to cost you money in sales. The reason for this is very simple, customers are not going to hang around on a poor quality website. If you have slow page load times, broken links, poor navigation or a site that overwhelms the customer with information, they won’t spend much time on your site at all. The less time that a customers spends on your website, the less conversions you are going to make. Poor quality Ux directly correlates with poor sales.

Damaged Reputation

Customers make a lot of decisions about a business based on their first impressions, which is exactly why your website should offer a great user experience. You may have high quality products, outstanding customer service and great prices, but if your site looks like trash, this is exactly how your customers are going to view you. Over time you will see damage to your reputation if you are not focussed on the kind of experience you are offering users.

Improvement in SEO

As part of the process to improve the Ux which your website offers, you will see some consequential benefits. The most important of these is the increased SEO power which your website will boast. The search engine algorithms are designed in such a way as to provide the customer with the best search results for their query, and they will base this off the quality of a website. This means that poor grammar, broken links, low quality web design and limited navigation will all be punished by the algorithm. Through the improvement of your website in order to offer a better user experience, you will also be delivering what these algorithms are searching for and that in turn will boost your SEO. This is critical to getting more traffic and engagement from organic search.


This is not just some trendy approach to web design and it is critical that your business has a heavy focus on each aspect of your website’s design.

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