How Frequently Should You Paint Your Home Exteriors?


It’s not easy for a homeowner to realise the correct time to paint the exteriors of your home. There can be a few obvious signs that will tell you that your previous paint job is wearing off and you need to apply a new coat of paint, such as paint chipping or cracking. However, other times, you might not be able to notice such obvious signs. 


That's why it's better to have a clear idea regarding the home exterior painting frequency so that it will be easier for you to take the necessary precautions beforehand.


Professional house painters in Auckland states that there's no such specific timeline that you need to maintain because every home is built differently. There are always some rough guidelines that you can judiciously follow, but the timeline will be dependent on multiple numbers of factors. Most experts out there suggest painting your home every five to ten years, based upon your area's climate, weather and your previous paint job. 


The rough guidelines are as follows:


  • Wood Siding: Every three to seven years.

  • Brick: Every fifteen to twenty years.

  • Aluminium Siding: Every five years.

  • Stucco: Every five to six years.

  • Other Materials: Every ten to fifteen years. 


The Factors That Affect The Durability Of The Exterior Paint Job Of Your House


1. Past Paint Job


In case you've recently bought a house, then you might not know the last time it was painted new. However, it would be a good idea to find out the details of the last paint job because it will definitely make a major difference in planning your next one. Furthermore, you also need to know about the type as well as the quality of paint that was used for the task, including the number of coating that was applied. 


It should be perceived that if the paint that was used was of higher quality, then no doubt that it would last longer. Moreover, if more than one coating was provided, then it would also be advantageous. And when it comes to the different paint types, 100 per cent acrylic is surely the most durable out of them all. 


2.  Damage From Weathering Agents


The place that your house is situated along with the weather can also play a major role in affecting the overall durability of your current paint job. For instance, if you live in an area where there are lots of trees and the sunlight is shining bright (weather is hot & humid), then chances are that the paint will fade quickly. 


The same can be said about areas where there are frequent storms or experience harsh winters because such weathering agents negatively affect the durability of the paint job. 


3. Overall Maintenance


If you want the exterior paint job of your home to last long enough, you’ll need to maintain it in the correct manner. To do that, you have to look for any early signs of wear & tear, such as rot, dampness, pest & mould infestation, chalkiness and so on.


Spotting the symptoms early can help you take the necessary precautions way ahead of time before the conditions become worse. Moreover, you also need to keep up with regular maintenance such as regularly washing off moss & dirt, so as to keep the paint surface clean & tidy. 


Since exterior painting is always a challenging task, it’s always suggested to hire professional house painters for the same. Ensure that you use top-notch quality paints for your task and before you start your job, be sure to obtain a budget estimate for the same. 


Lastly, we hope you loved our suggestions and in case you have any additional questions to ask, be sure to do so.