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How game server hosting changing the future for game streaming?

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The world has witnessed the magic that happened in the game streaming market. The credit goes to the development of game server hosting and how it has reshaped the world of gaming. This has reached a point where gaming is now not just an activity of time pass or interest, it has turned out to be a profession for so many. Gamers from all around the world feel relaxed with their game been streamed over a reliable best game server hosting. Hence, gone are the days when game streamers used to worry about building, scaling, and managing the whole backend procedures and services.



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Now you can see numerous online game servers streaming different platforms and going live on YouTube. Handling such complex tasks all together is not a single man’s task. All of this needs a staunch backup and a much more technical viewpoint. Also, this has given an ample amount of opportunities for some of the leading multinationals along with startups to try their luck in the game streaming business. Meanwhile, some of them have been proved to be successful in placing their foot in the right place and at the right time.

Seeing such great future possibilities, so many major tech and cloud giants have launched their dedicated gaming servers with a lot more solid marketing strategy. Companies like Microsoft, Sony, etc. were already leading for their gaming consoles, but this has inspired other large tech firms like Google, Tencent have come up with their dedicated gaming consoles. With so many big tech giants gaining interest in the dedicated game server hosting field, has made the gaming consoles much more affordable.

Lately, people stuck at homes during this pandemic situation compelled the non-gamers also towards game streaming. Hence, one can say that it is the best time for game streaming companies to expand through multiple horizons. Approximately all the giants of the video game industry have thrived in the pandemic and success is continuing. The rising craze of the game steaming services can be seen through a significant jump in both revenues as well as the number of companies shifting to game streaming services. Online game streaming is the best alternate entertainment option while maintaining social distancing and still connected.


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 Graph showing how the number of users shoots on some of the leading game streaming platforms. Amongst all Twitch and YouTube tops the list and have experienced a massive increase in the number of streamers within a matter of weeks.

Apart from heavy-duty games like PubG or Clash of the Clans, medium level games like bubble shooter have also experienced millions of sales through downloads. This has provided variety to the users and varied areas to do expand business for such consoles. Not only this, in-game celebrity concert has given a new angle to game streaming altogether.

The hashtag going viral “#togetherathome” caught the attention of millions. The week of March has seen the highest surge and this trend continues. The same set of people who were playing or like 1-2 hours, started to play for like 4-5 hours which has given a longer window for the dedicated game server hosting. They have denied the fact that to enjoy real gaming one needs expensive equipment or impressive studio spaces. This pandemic has anyways broken down so many stereotypes.


Dedicated game server hosting has now come with so many new services after observing the constantly improving scope. Here are some of the most frequent services or features offered by the best game server hosting platforms-

- Curating more and more games. They make sure to provide the maximum number of relevant titles that are updated from time to time.

- Low latency gaming is the new age demand for a maximum number of game streamers. The real-time games ask for ultra-low latency to render the best gaming experience.

- To keep track of the audience, sales, and data usage the KPI tracking feature is phenomenal. It’s very important to keep track to get the most current results.

- This is one of the most important features i.e. cross-device and mobility. This feature basically allows anyone to play on any screen available irrespective it is Windows, macOS, Android, etc.



- Image quality is something that any game streamer would not compromise on. Thus ultra-high image quality is the topmost priority for any best game server hosting. The game server should deliver HD quality imaging and the quality should not vary with the change of the screen or device.

- Apart from the above-mentioned features and services, dedicated support teams are committed to every client equally.


Nevertheless, even after promising such out of the box features and services, challenges and delays are apparent to happen. Overcoming such challenges is what makes any game server host lead in the market. This pandemic has opened far more opportunities for these game hosting servers and the future can be seen shining bright clearly. Most of the games breaking all the records in terms of viewership. There are no more bars on the location where the game is being launched at least not anymore.


 If we see according to the employability factor, then in any case so many were engrossed playing all day long so why not make money out of it. According to Forbes, they estimated that online streaming and professional is going to be $300,000 career and has so many choices. So this might be the most emerging alternative careers of all times.

Thus we can conclude by saying that game streaming has brought a revolution in the gaming field. Now, game streamers and viewers expect more and more quality gaming influencing so many new-age gamers to make a career out of it. So if you are one of those who are thinking of getting your hands dirty in the gaming streaming world, then this is the best time to convince your concerned ones that there the future is not bleak and in fact is going to improve day by day.

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