Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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How Garden Chair Covers Became Indispensable Items During the Pandemic

Stay at home orders have made homeowners intensely conscious of both their indoor and outdoor spaces. That’s why many homeowners are investing time and money on home upgrades. The lockdown restrictions gave homeowners the time to reconnect with their families and nature. 

That’s why hobbies like gardening, grilling, and hosting outdoor gatherings have become extremely popular in 2021. According to recent reports, outdoor living products are in high demand. Screened porches, outdoor decks, outdoor furniture items, etc., are all selling like hotcakes. But, not all homeowners are getting the best deals on these items.

The Risks of Buying Outdoor Furniture Items

In case you’re planning to buy outdoor furniture items, here are some risks you must know. 

Weather Damage: Outdoor furniture items can get slowly get destroyed by external elements. People who live in windy or rainy areas must take proactive steps to protect their outdoor furniture items. When water on furniture items dries, they leave ugly water stains. Sustained exposure to moisture also encourages rotting, rusting, and structural decay of furniture items. 

Sun Damage: Direct sunlight causes aesthetic and structural damage to outdoor furniture items. Their colors fade, and they become weaker and prone to cracking with continued sunlight exposure. 

Dirt, Debris, and Leaves: Dirt, debris, or leaves may get stuck in the cracks of outdoor furniture items. Constant accumulation of pollen, dust, and other types of external pollutants causes furniture items to lose their aesthetic appeal. 

Animal and Insect Damage: Bird droppings, animal bites, insect bites, etc., can create holes in outdoor tables and chairs. It’s impossible to spend quality time with family members on damaged furniture items. Insects, squirrels, cockroaches, and other unpleasant outdoor creatures pose serious threats to outdoor furniture items. 

How to Avoid Outdoor Furniture Damage Risks?

The easiest way to avoid outdoor furniture damage risks is by investing in high-quality garden chair covers. Chair/table covers made of high-quality materials like spun polyester or PVC offer amazing protection from all types of threats. Plus, PVC table and chair covers are non-slip and temperature resistant. 

These qualities make them extremely user-friendly and easy to set up. Here are some other advantages of using PVC table and chair covers on your outdoor furniture items:

  • Instant Protection: See rain pouring out of nowhere? Quickly cover your outdoor furniture items with PVC chair/table covers! These easy-to-install covers are ideal for emergency weather-related scenarios.
  • Durable: PVC chair and table covers are frequently used by homeowners to preserve old or retired items. For example, old car parts can be sheltered with these covers. That’s because high-quality PVC covers are extremely durable. You can use this long-lasting synthetic fabric for decades. It will resist years of sun and moisture damage with ease.
  • Reusable: While other fabrics start to display signs of wear and tear after six or seven washings, PVC fabrics don’t. They can withstand hundreds of washings without fading or losing their hardness. Plus, high-quality polyester fabric is also wrinkle resistant. Hence, homeowners can wash them in washing machines. 

Materials for Outdoor Furniture Frames and Tabletops


Wood has been a well-known natural substance for furniture for centuries. It has a characteristic marvel, is by and large simple to work with, and gives a solid structure to tables, seats, seats, and different decorations. In any case, not all woods are made equivalent with regard to outside utilization. A huge number, for example, pressure-treated pine, cedar, and fir are cheap and generally utilized for indoor decorations, however don't stand up well to the components and need consistent security when not being used. Hardwoods, then again, are a lot heartier, oppose climate harm, and can last many years whenever treated appropriately. On the drawback, they are regularly more hard to shape and are commonly more costly than softwoods. However, there are significant contrasts between hardwoods as well.


This ruddy gold Southeast Asian material is one of only a handful of exceptional hardwoods that is more grounded and heavier than teak. Openness to warm really works on its solidarity (modus of break) and adaptability (modus of versatility) [Noh and Ahmad 2017]. Gathering shorea (a.k.a. meranti) is exceptionally directed to guarantee that it is feasible, in the same way as other different hardwoods utilized for outside furnishings. It likewise has a high oil content that ensures it against bugs, limits spoiling, and opposes climate harm. Like teak, shorea turns into a silver-dark patina in case it isn't oiled routinely and keeps going for as long as fifty years. Be that as it may, it has a much lower cost. The main significant downside for shorea is that, due to some extent to public newness, hardly any retailers sell it.


These are just a few reasons why outdoor furniture covers are so popular in 2021. As more homeowners engage in backyard activities like gardening or hosting BBQ parties, their popularity will surge even more! 

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