How Google’s Android Things will Impact the future of IoT

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The topic of the blog itself comprises of four important things – Google, Android & IoT technology. So, it's assumable that we are going to talk about important things that have shaken up the technological advancement in the industry for both users and businesses. Google introduced Android things back in 2017. Let's start with basic and explore all about Android things and how it has impacted the IoT industry for good.

What are Android Things?

IoT technology has been running and gripping its pace in the market. We have already experienced the plethora of services as smart homes, smart appliances, sensors and more. By introducing Android things, Google plans to establish its place in the IoT industry. This reprimands that even Google doesn't want to miss out on the IoT technology and want to utilize the potential to serve the users.

With Android Things, Google plans to eradicate the challenges of IoT technology like security, limited resources and expand IoT potential to all devices that have the potential to connect with the internet and in not so costly manner. Android application development companies have been utilizing the IoT technology and developing solutions that eradicate current user challenges.

Why Android platform?

You may wonder why only Android platform? Google opted for Android because its adaptable and widely available platform rather than any other platforms available in the market. Being an open source platform, Android is now embedded with majorly all devices like smart TVs, ACs, washing machines, security sensors and more. This gives an open edge to Google to leverage IoT capabilities with Android platforms.

Power features of Android Things

Now that we know what Android Thing is, let's analyze the features that Android thing carries within itself.

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1) It is equipped with an optimized OS that can function well on any hardware platform.
2) It is managed by Google certified back end infrastructure hardware.
3) Since it is managed by Google, it ensures that the Android thing is well updated on software and security upgrades for connected devices.
4) Google plans to incorporate its virtual assistant with Android devices for users to interact with various IoT appliances.

How Android Things will impact the future of IoT?

Despite IoT challenges, there is no doubt that IoT technology has a plethora of opportunities that businesses and enterprises can take advantage of. When combined with Android platforms, IoT is sure to gain an advantage and bring more than expected unimaginable prospects. Let’s see how the use of Android things will impact the future of IoT technology.

1) No more security concerns

IoT technology had security concerns right from the time it was introduced. This is so because of the fact that IoT devices are connected with the internet and one device functions all the connected devices. In case of any loophole, there are high chances of damage to the system overall. By launching Android things, Google plans to eradicate security concerns through regular updates and upgrades.

  • With Android things, an Android app development company is offered with Over-the-Air (OTA) security update for IoT device software for a minimum of the first three years.
  • With Android things, Google will take charge of the system image, updates, and fixes with its back-end infrastructure.

2) Growth of Android Space

It’s a wide known fact that Android is leading the market space of operating system platforms. With the introduction of Android Things, Google has increased the market space of Android OS. And with the inclusion of IoT technology, Android is surely going to capture maximum space of the market in terms of both user market and business space. More and more Android app development companies have scaled themselves to use to opportunity and be in maximum benefit.

3) User Advantage

All the technological advancement revolutionizing the industry right now has always to do with one thing and that is user benefit. It’s the users for which the advancements are growing up every day. Same way, Android things aims to use the IoT technology for the betterment in the users’ life.

  • Introduction of Android wearable gadgets embedded with IoT technology would persuade users to stay fit even without going to the gym or making out any special time for exercise. They can easily use the gadget and track their health to stay fit.
  • Real-time information sharing without the fear of data loss and theft would be the new fad amongst users with Android things. Users can make instant decisions based on real-time information sharing. Other than this, predictive maintenance would enable users to take control over their appliances with timely maintenance and its service.
  • Other advantages of Android things are – Inclusion in all appliances from small bulb to giant speakers, instant feedback and information sharing regarding the failure of any appliances and more.


To conclude the blog, Android thing has taken up its place in the market amongst business and enterprises ever since it was launched in 2017. Who doesn't want to get the advantage of IoT technology and Google's support at the backend? All this incline Android application development company to use Android Things in their development and produce applications that not only solves the challenges like security but also improves users’ lifestyle.