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How Has Technology Changed Today’s Tourism Industry?

The tourism industry was all but closed off to anyone that wanted a dream business that meant they could work self-employed as a hotel owner or vacation rental host. The only possible way to make money from a holiday home was mostly via timeshares and property management companies. Today we have seen a huge shift away from both these business models and a growing number of independent vacation rental businesses thanks to the introduction of new online technology.

The Introduction of Java Code

Essentially the way in which we use the World Web has changed since the internet began to reach households allowing people to surf websites. New code such as Java was invented, and this allowed us to log on to websites and perform certain interactive tasks. However, Java developers were a dime a dozen meaning that with only a handful of people able to code using Java, the cost of hiring a developer was far beyond the budget of most small businesses – in many cases it still is.

As more people trained in Java the marketplace for Java coders has become less saturated than it was. With more people available for hire with a java skillset, the salary or hourly rates have started to fall. As a result, Java developers are increasingly becoming more affordable and more businesses are able to take advantage of the power of java.

Check out Glassdoor for latest Java developer rates

In the past, we only really saw java on internet banking websites. These websites mean that we can interact with our bank online in real time. The javascript is the code that allows us to make certain actions such as move money, transfer and so on. The code interacts with IT systems, which comprise of databases held on mainframes and clouds systems letting it know that the user has made an action and the that the database or information source needs to be updated to reflect the action.

As you can imagine this code is quite complex hence hiring a Java developer is still not cheap when you compare the rates of a standard PHP/HTML developer.

How Java Tech Made Its Way into The Vacation Rental Industry

There is a lot of call for websites that allow users to interact with a back or frontend – in the case of the vacation rental industry, this would be bookings, searching for available dates, and real-time communication. From the host, side being able to manage an attractive website and keep calendars up to date. The problem is that to create an all singing and all dancing website using javascript can be extremely costly.

These websites have solved 2 huge problems:

  • Anyone that wants to challenge the many hotel websites in the industry, the budget needed to catch up with websites like’s marketing investments is almost impossible for any small business to match. The amount of money needed to advertise a property available for rent would cost more than a property owner could make in a year from renting the place out on a short-term lease.
  • Vacation rental owners no longer have to spend huge amounts of cash on developing a website that may rarely show up online because other websites like Agoda are dominating the advertising space. Sites such as Airbnb, House Trip, Holiday Lettings and HomeAway all use Java

Adding to this, those that do want to create their own branded website can do so using vacation rental website builders. Lodgify is the most popular vacation rental website builder out there right now. The company has gained huge investment and from this has created a vacation rental website builder that not only allows property owners to showcase their properties on a branded website, but also the website’s software can be used as a central management system.

Lodgify has a built-in channel manager that helps property owners that list their holiday homes on multiple websites such as the ones mentioned above (Airbnb, House Trip, Holiday Lettings and HomeAway). The channel manager will connect the Lodgify calendar to the calendar on all these websites. It then keeps up to the minute records of each calendar by regularly syncing with them.

This helps to avoid double bookings and saves the property owner the effort of having to log on to every website and update the calendar on every website.

Check out the Lodgify website builder here

From the information we have given you here, you can see how people that own properties who wanted to get into the vacation rental industry can now affordably do so.

Owners can take advantage of the marketing strategies and budgets committed by the big vacation rental websites to increase their online visibility by listing their property on these websites. In turn, people looking for a property on one of these websites in the area the vacation rental owner’s property is situated will have their holiday home show up in these searches. The result is people that like the look of the place will book.

This is the beginning of a successful vacation rental business on which the owner may decide to branch out and create a website via a website builder that uses java script to help better manage the business.

My name is Michelle and I specialize in writing informative articles about business and travel as well as other subjects of interest. My hobby is to write about whatever is trending in my world in the hope that I can connect with other like-minded individuals that are also interested in the same subjects. I also hope my writing skills are recognized and appreciated so please feel free to leave any comments on how I can become a better writer.
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