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How Has The Pandemic Affected Pest Control Services?

COVID-19 has had a deep impact on the way pest control companies operate, if not the business itself. Pest control is an essential service as reckoned by the government in London and other nations. However, pest control companies need to reconsider their marketing and operational strategies to remain relevant yet profitable during the pandemic as they move forward. For that matter, we bring you ways to endure this challenge head-on while positioning your business for success in future as well. Here are a few strategies that the pest control business swear by as they helped them in transitioning through the quarantine and post-quarantine times smoothly.

Deal with the Challenges face-to-face

Pest control services and service providers have been affected by the restrictions and stipulations put on them due to the coronavirus outbreak. These restrictions have created challenges for Mickala from London company Best Pest Control, who has had had to tackle the changes and face the challenges of staying relevant in the pandemic head-on. You need to train your pest control staff while upgrading your resources, and update your pest control techniques for ensuring the safety of your staff and customers, she tells us. The bottom line is the world must be rid of the pests, so prepare your team to face the challenges head-on.

Keeping your Cash Flow Balanced

To keep your pest control business profitable is the key during these trying times. Make sure that the cash flowing out of your company is lesser than or in balance with the cash coming in. This can be a challenge during a crisis people are going through in London and across the world, as the customers tend to postpone or cancel the services and want to wait for the crisis to pass.  You must ensure that your business is equipped with the equipment, tools, and strategies required to fight the pests while meeting all the restrictions for coronavirus prevention. Also upgrading your payment process to electronic can help minimise the human contact while you get paid securely.

Safety First

Create a business plan for this crisis period keeping in view the safety of both your customers and employees. Ensure to stock up on all the Personal protective equipment (PPE) that your pest control technicians would require for keeping all the involved parties safe. If your plan includes interior services for unavoidable cases, then you will have to train your technicians for extra precautions. Also, make your customers submit your pre-service questionnaire to make sure there aren't any high exposure residents or people with COVID symptoms in a particular household. Make sure that technicians follow all the SOPs and maintain a safe distance from everyone around at all times.

Motivate Your Employees                

Employees make or break a business. Keeping your employees motivated during this crucial time is the key to a successful business. Pest control businesses across London are facing a huge downturn, especially when it comes to interior pest control appointments. However, customers are comfortable with getting exterior services. Get proactive, contact your clients, and propose them to shift their exterior services at a closer date. You can use online apps and tools to set new appointments into the schedules of your technicians and work remotely yet safely. This way, your employees will feel motivated to work due to your thoughtfulness of prioritizing everyone's safety in these unprecedented times.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, prioritise safety. After that, try to keep your employees and customers engaged by offering exceptional services while following all the standard operating procedures (SOPs). Besides, use this downtime productively by restocking your inventory and focusing on your future business plan so that your business comes out strong on the other side of this crisis.

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