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How Hormones Affect Weight Loss And How To Reset

Weight loss is one of the significant issues of our generation, and if you are not succeeding in dealing with obesity, it will further only worsen the problem. One might blame this failure on lack of exercise, balanced diet or stress management but if all these rules are being followed and still no reasonable change is noticed then the problem could be related to your hormones. Hormones? How can one’s hormones matter regarding losing weight!

Well, this is what we are going to tell you about below.

Role of hormones in the body

Hormones play a significant role in regulating and maintaining the metabolism of the whole body. These biomolecules which are protein in nature are responsible for triggering some functions from the immune system to nervous system, even our daily , in general, are mediated by hormonal secretions. The working mode of hormones is similar to that of enzymes as they require specific receptors for every cell they interact with. If the particular pathway is disturbed, the results might be unfavorable. Furthermore, these molecules can even affect the weight loss ability if not maintained usually.

Reasons for hormonal irregularity

The way you treat your body can cause hormonal imbalance; the things you intake, your physical activities, your mental health which altogether affect your lifestyle. Ageing, mainly menopause affects it much. Another significant cause of this irregularity are some molecules which interrupt the passage of hormonal secretions and cause disruption in their action. These endocrine disruptors play a significant role in this process.

Link of hormones with weight loss

As hormonal irregularity can become a source of many problems, it can also enable one to gain weight efficiently or inhibit the weight loss process.

The example of insulin is highlighted as it performs the task of breaking sugar and while your carbohydrates are not broken down due to diabetes, there is a high probability that your body will gain the required energy through the intake of food, will become less active and ultimately lead to obesity.

Hormones; cause of weight gain

Below described are some of the hormones that lead the body to gain weight when performing over actively due to some defect. They are called as the Weight-gain hormones

  1. Cortisol

Under unusual conditions of stress and mental disturbance, the function of cortisol is disrupted. It enhances the appetite which results in an intake of calories. Cortisol also decreases the energy level due to which one feels dull and low. All these factors ultimately

Contribute to slowing down the weight loss process.

  1. Reverse T3

The hormones of the thyroid gland are affected by Reverse T3. Due to which the T4 hormone cannot contribute towards the growth of body which leads towards hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism causes obesity problems especially in women and harmfully affects the weight loss. This disruption may be caused because of some drugs or severe stress.

  1. Female reproductive hormone

Unfortunately, females are more affected by the hormonal imbalance. The reproductive hormone of estrogen is directly responsible for accumulating fat in your body, especially around the hip area. It makes you lose the muscle mass as well.

How to maintain a balanced hormone system

  1. Proper rest

When you are not getting enough sleep, it causes a problem in your metabolism and produces large amounts of insulin in your body, which would, in turn, lower your blood glucose level and create a disease called hypoglycemia. Effects of hypoglycemia include affecting your thinking, your alertness and making you lethargic. Try not to drink any caffeine related fluid before sleeping, and you would be all set.

  1. Detoxification

You need to keep a careful eye on what you eat. Too much of anything can lead to disastrous results. Leptin is a hormone which decreases your appetite. Its production is increased when we eat fruit, but its function is interrupted by the massive amounts of hormones present in our body, which in turn causes you to overeat.

We know that carbohydrates are good for our body but too much of it can make you insulin resistant. Now you might think that a good thing, but being insulin resistant makes your body system dysfunctional in processing nutrients, and you cannot tell the difference between healthy and junk food. To get back to your proper health, you need to cut off the carbs for a while.

  1. Physical activity

Your muscles act as an endocrine gland by communicating to other organs and helps in metabolism by releasing hormones. Sweaty sessions of workout increase the production of Irisin, which fights fat and assists in protecting the brain cells. Exercise also helps in producing Estrogen, which is found in women and help in reproduction and menstrual cycle. It also produces Testosterone which is located in males and builds muscle tissue.

  1. Calm your nerves down

It all comes down to keeping your mind and body relaxed. The more worked up you are, the more chances you have of over-eating and misbalancing your hormone system. Take a deep breath or a quick walk or a relaxing bath to help calm your nerves.

After going through all of this information, you must be quite evident with the fact that your body will only care for you if you treat it with care. The little things we do not take seriously actually lead to problems like hormonal imbalance, that in itself contains some issues lined up for the body along with a loss of weight.

The good part is that you can reset your system by remaining cautious about your lifestyle and following a proper routine for everything. Your physical and mental health should always remain your top priority! Moreover, weight loss pills like phen375 can help you attain your dream physique when everything else fails.

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