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How HRMS Software has Improved the Practices of HR?

Technological advancements have furnished the HR functionalities from the back-office with a huge pile of files to a tech-sage team. Grooming businesses bump the HR functions with the hiring of new employees, onboarding, provident funds, ESIC, implementation of updated labour laws, etc. HRMS software being one such technological boon has increased the efficiency of the human resource team. HRMS software is customized in a way to deal with various HR functions such as employee information management, recruitment and onboarding, benefits management, training and development, attendance and leave management and many more.


Organizations that have embraced technological advancements have conceded towards an increased margin of productivity in comparison to those organizations that are still working inclined towards ancient ways of HR practices.


Let’s dig a little deeper to understand how HRMS software has improved the functions of HR:


Diminished paperwork

Storing employees’ information in huge files on cabinets has been a story of ancient times. Web-based software stores data digitally on one platform equips the HR to access data and allows the employees to keep a track on the updated information without HR intervention. Paperwork that has always been seen as redundant, HRMS software saves the HRs from investing time and effort in storing and retrieving data in huge files or spreadsheets.


Accuracy in performance assessment

Employees performance assessment is a crucial part of HRM. It involved a lot of data analysis and paperwork in the past. With technological advancements like web-based HRMS solution data related to employee performance can easily be generated. This proffered an easy solution for the employees to track their performance notifying them about the rewards and sews a thread of trust between the employee and the employer as it ascertains the unbiased decisions taken by the employer apropos increment and promotions.


Employee engagement

Employee satisfaction indirectly indicates increased productivity. Activities that bestow recognition of an employee is bound to boost the employee's relationship with the organization improving employees satisfaction motivating the employee to increase productivity.

A web-based platform that brings forth facilities like automated attendance regularization, application for reimbursement, leaves applications, etc accentuates the employee's conversance. A platform to communicate with the employees unites the employees as a team as it allows them to bond and works as a team on various projects from remote locations.


Access to information on benefits

Hinging on data available on spreadsheets or huge files is prone to errors or miscalculation of data. Web-based applications provide data that has a higher rate of accuracy just within a few seconds of using the correct credentials. This ensures a simplified approach towards unbiased decisions made by the administration related to benefits and promotions. This application grants access to employees to understand the benefits provided by the employer and the eligibility criteria to claim the benefits. The data related to employees performance and attendance assists the payroll department to grant rewards and approve beneficial claims applied by the employee on the web-based application.


Learning and Research


Training plays a vital role in keeping the employees updated about the technological advancements added to the organization's functionalities. LMS, abbreviated for learning management system, is an HRMS software platform comprising educational resources/ users guide to customize the solutions as per requirements to train the employees for a smooth run. It assists the HRM to keep track of the certifications done by the employees to standardize the training programme.


A well equipped HRMS software customarily serves in managing well-nigh activities of the HR. HRMS software proved to be a reason for enhanced productivity in comparison to those organizations following the old school method for human resource activities. 


Having said that, it is important to opt for HRMS software designed with features that are compatible with the IT environment of the organization.


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