Monday, October 2, 2023
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How I Survive Without Wi-Fi

Here are the few things I do when the Wi-Fi is not working!

In the age of technology, everything revolves around the internet. Back in the day, we used to have Ethernet cables connected to our landline phones and computers which gave us access to an array of information through the internet. It brought everyone together one major platform, connected. But there was no mobility.

We were still bound to our computer chairs stuck to the screen. That’s when Wi-Fi was created. Internet, but wireless. Giving us the option to connect to the internet from practically everywhere. It sure made life easier in more way than one. But like everything else, it came with its own cons to balance the pros.

We have become too dependent on it. I know I was. It started taking a toll on me. I was becoming more like a robot, fearing actual human interaction. Here is a list of things I found useful to get back on track and not rely too much on Wi-Fi:

  1. I spend my time reading.

Once I realized that I was spending too much time using Wi-Fi and getting frustrated when I didn’t have it, I searched for alternatives to keep me busy.

I turned to reading. I started off with replacing my phone and the internet with a newspaper, along with my daily cup of coffee. Might as well be informed about current affairs the old fashioned way, huh? I eventually turned to books and it really piqued my interest.

I started reading all kinds of books to keep myself busy. It was a good source of knowledge, unarguably. But it was also challenging as it required my utmost attention to retain what I was reading.

  • I invest my time in doing Diamond Art

Another hobby I picked up was Art. I took quite an interest in it. Now, I’m no artist. So I stumbled upon Diamond art. Upon discovery, I found out Diamond Painting is a DIY craft project. Which means it was perfect for a beginner like me. I found many amazing facts about diamond art when I started doing it.

Art involves creativity, as does painting. Diamond Painting, however, was a whole different thing. It involved brightly colored resins cut in the shape of diamonds that you stick on a canvas one by one. Which eventually turns into a beautiful painting that shines brightly on your wall.

Paint with Diamonds required effort and focus. Which in turn gave my mind the mental stimulation and exercise it needed. Turns out, art actually boosts the creative part of your brain and leaves you with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Which in turn helps your mind grow.

It relieved stress and distracted me and turned my life around.

  • Exercise – I believe good lifestyle leads to an open mind.

To kill time and to cut back on my Wi-Fi usage, I started working out. Physical fitness is no joke. It made me push myself beyond my will.

It was physically taxing but it gave my body the work it needed. And it’s healthy. It gives you confidence and is a good way to clear your head and relieve stress. Which in turn helps you think better and be more productive.

  • I also like going out!

Human beings are social animals. Which means we need more than just keeping in touch with people over the phone.

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I noticed that the more I was on my phone, the more time I was spending on the internet, I slowly drifted away from actual human interaction. I started going out again. I started catching up with old friends I had not met in a while and started going out to work out and party and ended up meeting new people.

It made me feel alive like I was a part of the world. The good old fashioned way.

These are the few things that help me, hope it helps you as well!

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